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Rok Straps Medium Reflective 54in Dog Lead

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Rok Straps Medium Reflective 54in Dog Lead

Here are some important questions to consider before choosing which lead to buy for walking your best friend:

  • Does your dog pull on the lead ? (over 90% of owners answer yes to that question so you are not alone !)
  • Does dog walking give you shoulder pain, back pain or both ?
  • Do you worry about being able to control your dog ?
  • Do you worry about the safety of your dog and yourself (Especially when night-walking) ?

ROK provide the solution to all of these questions that could make your daily dog walks a pleasure, and not the tug-of-war that’s caused by the one you love pulling your arms out of their sockets!

Realising dogs come in all shapes and sizes we produce all colour options in 3 widths ( with different rubber stiffness ) depending on the dog’s weight, thus ensuring every dog in every breed benefits from the correct amount of stretch and you the correct amount of control. The standard range are all 54'' in length. Take care to choose the right size lead when ordering.

ROK Stretch dog leads have a unique-by-design solid natural rubber core covered by a tight polyester outer braiding in a number of delightful designs and modern colours.


As the solid natural rubber core stretches it provides a progressive tension which signals your dog to stop by getting gradually harder to pull against, which unlike other stretch leads, means that ROK leads never become a solid lead! Your shoulder and back are spared the sudden damaging jolts whilst at the same time your dog’s neck is spared an injury which is all too common with solid leads.

YOU CAN EXPECT more comfortable walks with dogs that pull. Many owners have even reported that their dog’s pulling has been reduced by using a ROK STRETCH LEAD Immediate close control is still possible thanks to the "traffic leader" secondary padded handle at the lower end of the lead just at the perfect height to once again save those aching back muscles. The traffic leader also doubles as a great in-car restraint when travelling with your dog on the car seat in conjunction with an approved body harness.

Above all it prevents the dog from jumping out of the car un-controlled! Below the top handle we have placed a D-ring to again save wear and tear to the wrist, OR for hanging certain accessories! We have used only the finest and tested metal G-clips to ensure your dog is safely attached to its collar or harness.


  • Padded grip for comfort and safety
  • Reflective stitching for added night-walk safety
  • Unique no-jolt stretch core maintains control without the jolts
  • Swivel clip
  • Traffic-leader loop for close control


  • Size: Medium 54in/1400mm
  • Suitable for dogs from 15kg to 30 kg