Over 40 Years of making kit that lasts

Rab is ceaseless in their commitment to Rab Carrington’s own exacting standards, ingenuity, and pioneering spirit. Their rugged, high performance mountain clothing and equipment gives you absolute protection, comfort and freedom wherever your adventures take you.

Specialists in waterproofs, insulation, sleeping bags and packs, their reputation has preceded their gear since the 1980s, when their first hand-sewn sleeping bag was carefully crafted by their founder.
Rab continue to strive to make the garment industry fairer for those who work in it and are proud to have been awarded Leader status by the Fair Wear Foundation in just two years of their membership.

Rab’s commitment to the future

Rab take pride in producing quality hard-wearing clothing and equipment which is designed to last. At the same time, they recognise the big challenges facing the outdoor clothing industry and are constantly seeking to reduce the impact of their business and make it fairer for everyone, reaching Fair Wear Leader status and pursuing a target of Net Zero by 2030. They are striving to become more sustainable, reducing their reliance on fluorocarbons, repairing and re-using worn gear, using ever more recycled fabrics, and improving the lives of the workers making their products.