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Light The Wick Ski DVD

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Light The Wick Ski DVD

Follow the crew as they discover the completely unskiied big mountain mecca of Petersburg, Arkansas, find the best snow Croatia has seen in 50 years, ski deep pillows in Italy, hit full throttle riding in British Columbia and epic free-riding at Ripley Creek and North Cascades Heli.

Don’t miss Sammy Carlson and the Stevens Pass 3D experiment, the first-ever 3D snow sports segment. The ground-breaking dual RED One slow motion aerial shots will make you want to reach out and touch the action.

Light The Wick showcases the most talented and well-rounded athletes in the sport together in one must-see film.

Athletes: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Seth Morrison, Kye Petersen, Ian McIntosh, Dana Flahr, Dylan Hood, Sammy Carlson, Dash Longe, Rachael Burks, Callum Pettit, Wiley Miller, Erik Roner, Cody Townsend, Todd Ligare, Chris Benchetler, Shroder Baker, Daron Rahlves, Byron Wells, John Spriggs and Friends.