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Fabsil Tent Care Kit

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An all-in-one kit to clean, care and protect all tents and outdoor equipment from rain and UV damage.

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Fabsil Tent Care Kit

An all-in-one kit to clean, care and protect all tents and outdoor equipment from rain and UV damage.

Make sure you’re adventure-ready with our Fabsil Tent Care kit!

In this handy box, you’ll find all you need to look after your tent and outdoor equipment so that it continues to look after you.

Ever woken up after a night’s camping only to accidentally touch the side of the tent and get wet? Or been seriously lucky with the weather, only to find your tent sun-damaged? Well, with this easy-to-use kit, these problems are now in the past as this all-in-one protection package was created to provide everything you need to stay protected while camping – come rain or shine.

This Kit Includes:

  • Fabsil Tent + Gear Cleaner, which is an easy-to-use sponge-on powerful cleaner formulated to remove dirt, dust pollen and all other performance-impairing impurities from your outdoor gear. It’s also the perfect way to pre-treat your gear before applying any waterproofing treatments.
  • Fabsil Universal Protector, which is a high-performance, silicone-based waterproofing treatment, suitable for use on tents, boat covers, parasols, garden chairs and umbrellas.
  • A handy sponge, to make application even easier.

So, with this handy kit, supplying a complete care solution for your outdoor gear, you can spend less time worrying about the weather and more time focusing on planning your next trip.


  • Powerful cleaning
  • Easy-to-apply
  • UV protection
  • Durable water-repellency

Suitable For

  • Tents
  • Soft tops
  • Tipis
  • Awnings
  • Garden furniture
  • Parasols
  • Protective covers

Directions For Use:

  • Refer to individual product instructions

*Top tip* It’s always worth allowing your tent as much time to dry as possible for maximum performance. So, check the weather forecast, or pick a few days where the garage won’t be needed, pop your tent up and give it some much-needed TLC and drying time.

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