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Our range of Women's Gilets offers you the choice of warmth and windproof qualities with style and technical details for every outdoor occasion.

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Pronounced "Jee-Lay" or "Gee-Lay" the Gilet is a sleeveless jacket commonly known as a body warmer, primarily warn on chilly days for extra insulation. In France, in the 19th century the gilet was originally worn more as a decorative or fashionable vest but today the more practical Gilet, even though it hasn't changed much in style, is based on function, not fashion.

Many people think that there is a difference between a gilet and a body warmer, however with varying fashions and styles these days it is near impossible to tell with is interchangeable names - vest, bodywarmer, gilet.  Some may still say argue that there are slight differences - The gilet usually has a more streamlined slim fit and sometimes comes with a hood and the body warmer is usually puffa or padded in style with a heavy focus on warmth but technically they are the same thing!

Keeping your core warm while giving freedom to your arms can be the best option for many outdoor activities and having a Gilet or Bodywarmer can be a good solution if you're stuck choosing between a coat and a fleece.