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Tilley hats are well known for their lifetime guarantee and durability when hiking and walking.

Tilley Hats work equally well in all weathers and are hats what won't blow off your head in high winds.

Tilley Endurables was started by avid sailor Alex Tilley who had a lovely boat but no hat to go with it! There seemed nothing suitable in 1980 so decided to oversee the making of his own design. The prototype was very costly to make and once a few more were sold at boat shows, Alex realised people really would pay for great quality and workmanship.

What makes a great Tilley hat?

Most folks already know they’re handmade. But it takes more than one pair of hands to usher a legendary Tilley hat into the world. In all, it takes 23 pairs of hands. 23 highly trained, skilled and caring craftspeople to follow a process first conceived by sailor Alex Tilley in 1980 and then thoughtfully and continually refined over the following decades.

In all, those 46 hands follow 41 steps, a precise and practised process that begins with cutting cotton and foam canvas and ends with steaming and packing the flawless final product. In between, we’re busy joining, binding, lining, stitching and adding those essential signature details that distinguish a Tilley hat from all others.

In summer, Tilley hats with ventilation will keep you cool and keep the sun off you. In the rain, Tilley hats make perfect rain hats with wide brims. Tilley hats all float too!

At e-outdoor.co.uk love the Tilley hat because...

  • Durable - it is guaranteed for life.
  • It floats!
  • There is a secret pocket.
  • It does a great job of blocking 98% of the sun's harmful rays.
  • It's very lightweight.
  • Practical headwear

To Keep Tilley Endurable's carbon footprint to a minimum all products are made in their factory in Toronto, Canada, with other contractors based in Nova Scotia, Quebec and British Colombia. The Tilley Hats for men and women really is a great hat that you will love for a lifetime.