Superfeet Worldwide is the revolutionary leader of the insole industry. Founded by doctors, the shape and design of every Superfeet insole is the result of their 40+ years of experience and knowledge from working on over a million pairs of feet. Superfeet premium insoles offer total comfort and support in a high-quality foot care product.


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Originally and primarily Superfeet were sold to professional skiers wanting to improve their foot performance but the medical profession also needed their help too. 180 million people in the U.S were reporting some kind of foot complaint and podiatrists needed some answers.

By 1987, Superfeet was being sold in the thousands so production was moved to Ferndale, Washington. As the company grew, Superfeet realised that not everyone's feet were exactly alike, and decided to invent the Trim To Fit Programme so insoles could be cut to fit the individual's own shoes. As the years moved on, training for retail stores became even more important so Superfeet could pass on their years of experience and knowledge, having studied over a million pairs of feet. 

New lines of orthotics for people wearing dress shoes was also introduced as well as user specific insoles for hiking, running and other outdoor activities, followed by technical advances in carbon fibre and blended polymer materials with the addition of super lightweight foam.

As of today, Superfeet is 100% employee owned and 1% of what they earn goes back into helping non profit organisations and charities. They now produce a huge range of orthotics for everyday use, sport, particularly running and also for pain relief. 

Come and view our Superfeet collection which included Merino insoles and orthotics for the wider foot.