Size and Fitting Guide

For brand specific sizing, use the "Size & Fitting Guide" link found on every product page.

Often the fitting of outdoor clothing and footwear will vary from what you are used to, so here we hope to let you know what sizing and fit to go for depending on the brand and activity.

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Footwear Guide

  1. Walking boots need to be a half to full size larger than your normal foot size to allow for the wearing of walking socks.
  2. The actual fitting shape of the boot is brand dependent - different brands will hold your feet differently.
  3. Allow for a finger's width fitting down back of a walking boot when wearing but before lacing up.
  4. The boot shouldn't have any noticable pressure points or tight spots - there is no such thing as 'breaking in' a boot to loosen it up.
  5. The ankle should feel restricted and supported in a way you are not used to at first.
  6. Walking boots will always feel stiffer to wear.
  7. Zamberlan & Scarpa brands have an overall narrower fitting.
  8. Merrell in general tend to be shorter, so for normal fitting, get a size larger.
  9. The Meindl Matrei is our widest boot - perfect for anyone who requires a wide fitting.
  10. Shoe-style footwear and sandals have a regular fit and size.

Climbing and Scrambling

Anything designed for climbing or scrambling over terrain and using your hands is likely to have a longer sleeve, so it might feel more generous in the arms than you are used to.

The armpits might also feel more ample.

Both of these things are so that when you put your arms up or out, the sleeves won't ride halfway up your arms but will remain in place.

For casual wear, and when you arms are at your side, you may feel that the garment is too big, but this isn't the case.