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Whether you're a hard-core hiker or a Sunday stroller, weekend wild camper or multi-day expeditionist, we have Rucksacks, Daysacks and Travel Bags suitable for all kinds of outdoor activty. Offering an extensive range of large rucksacks, medium and small outdoor bags and tough, durable travel bags, from suppliers such as Jack Wolfskin, The North Face and Berghaus, there's something to suit everyone's need.

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  • Base Camp Duffel Bag XXL
  • Atlas Nd 65 Rucksack
    NOW £97.41 RRP £115.00 | Save £17.59 (15%)
  • Surge Backpack / 33 Litres
    NOW £75.00 RRP £110.00 | Save £35.00 (32%)
  • Aeon Nd16 Women's
  • Aeon 35 L / XL
  • Aeon Nd25 Women's
  • Aeon 27 M/l
    NOW £78.30 RRP £90.00 | Save £11.70 (13%)
  • Aeon 27 L/XL
    NOW £78.30 RRP £90.00 | Save £11.70 (13%)
  • Aeon 35 M/l
  • Hikelite 18
    NOW £62.30 RRP £70.00 | Save £7.70 (11%)
  • Hikelite 26
    NOW £71.20 RRP £80.00 | Save £8.80 (11%)
  • Womens Trailhead 60
    NOW £83.95 RRP £115.00 | Save £31.05 (27%)
  • Expedtion Mule 60
  • Expedition Mule 40
  • Fast Hike 32
    NOW £58.40 RRP £80.00 | Save £21.60 (27%)
  • Fast Hike 20
    NOW £51.10 RRP £70.00 | Save £18.90 (27%)
  • Sojourn 60
    NOW £186.90 RRP £210.00 | Save £23.10 (11%)
  • Index 15 Backpack
    NOW £34.00 RRP £40.00 | Save £6.00 (15%)
  • 40 Litre Dry Tube / Black
  • 60 Litre Adventure Duffell / Black
  • 90 Litre Adventure Duffel / Black
    NOW £71.99 RRP £79.99 | Save £8.00 (10%)
  • Base Camp Duffel Bag Large
    NOW £102.00 RRP £120.00 | Save £18.00 (15%)
  • Orbit 28 Rucksack
    NOW £80.00 RRP £120.00 | Save £40.00 (33%)
  • Diran 65:75 Rucksack
    NOW £123.21 RRP £145.00 | Save £21.79 (15%)

Browse through our site to find everything from well-made, sturdy baby carriers from Deuter and Vaude to travel packs from Osprey and ArcTeryx that will keep all of your clothes and belongings safe and secure as you jet around the globe. e-OUTDOOR also stocks everything from daysacks to large rucksacks to ensure that, wherever you're going, we have something to suit your needs.

It is really important that your pack fits you correctly so your trip will be one of comfort and ease not pain and ever adjusting straps. How a pack fits will depend upon your body shape and back length and how the pack can be adjusted to your unique shape. Chest straps ensure the pack is secure and help distribute some of the weight. For larger rucksacks you can adjust the height of the straps depending on the length of your back. Straps will often be padded for added comfort which is especially important for heavy rucksacks. Most packs come with adjustable back and chest straps. Remember if the backpack sits too low, even when adjusted, it is too big for you and you need to find something better fitting. If you are still unsure take a look at our How to Fit a Rucksack Properly blog.

Minimalist Travelling – Daypacks up to 30L. If you like to keep weight and size down to a minimum you should consider a small compact rucksack. Anything under 29L will ensure you do not over pack and just take the bare essentials.  These are suited to day trips (as in the name) and are well suited to walkers and hikers who will be spending the day outdoors. There are also hydration compatible daypacks which give you the option of carrying a hydration system on board too! The larger end of the scale 25-30L are also suitable for weekend or overnight trips and can easily accommodate extra clothing, food & water and other essentials.

Carry On – Medium Packs 35-55L. A great size pack to have is anything in this middle range as you will avoid some baggage fees and still travel light even though the pack size is a little bigger. A medium sized rucksack (between 35 and 55 litres) is designed for carrying heavier or more gear and can be used for multi-day hikes or activities. These packs come with additional pockets, fastenings and features for all the extra equipment or gear you wish to cram in for a longer length trip. These sized packs are great for an overnighter as you can pack in clothing, food & water and at the larger end will even fit in a tent and sleeping bag in if you’re considering a wild or planned camp!

Expedition Enthusiasts – Large Rucksacks 60L+. Having a large pack means you can take all of the essentials and those home comforts along too. Whether backpacking around the world, taking an expedition trip across the mountains, rock climbing for a week or taking a paddle trip down the river a large rucksack is designed to hold a substantial amount of kit and will have plenty of pockets for storing all your extra gadgets and gizmos. A 65L rucksack is ideal for trekking and always popular with individuals taking part in expedition award schemes like the Duke of Edinburgh’s or Mountain Training schemes. If you are looking for something to cater for being away for a week or more you may want to consider the 70+ range.