Rab Microlight Jackets 10 Years on

"Rab Microlight jackets have been tried, tested and loved for over a decade. Now, it’s time to meet the next generation."

The Rab Microlight Jacket seamlessly entered the lives of climbers, hikers and mountaineers alike over a decade ago. Instantly embraced for its fit, versatility and warmth, it was a game changer for the outdoor industry and quickly became an icon.

10 Years On is a celebration of the Microlight, one of Rab's most loved products. To the untrained eye, changes are subtle. However, on closer inspection, you can see a decade of natural evolution. Refinements here, tweaks there - Rab's perfectionism shows. This year is bigger than that. Deconstructed, analysed and carefully rebuilt, every tiny detail of the Microlight has been scrutinised and honed.

Alongside perfecting the old, Rab are also introducing the new - the Microlight Summit. Born from the classic, the Summit is inspired by innovative new fabric developments. Signalling the start of something special it harks back to the original jacket’s purpose, pure alpinism.

RAB Microlight Summit Family:

10 Years On

"Where were you 10 years ago? Can you recall your favourite moment? A lot can happen in that time - friends come and go, memories are made, life changes, but some things remain constant.

From remote belay ledges to long days on the hill, the packable Rab Microlight Alpine jacket is well travelled. First designed as a classic layering piece for alpine climbers, the Rab Microlight Alpine has seen far more than mountains in its lifetime. Worn under a harness, over an old jumper, with climbing pants, surf shorts and jeans - it’s been hiking, skiing, fishing, flying and more. Trends come and go, but the Microlight has remained steadfast.

Whatever you’re doing, there’s an unspoken club, that knowing look. United by a glance, this has become more than a jacket to many. Whether it’s slightly faded by years of wear or brand new, the possibilities are there, waiting. Patches, duct tape and scuffs are memories of epic tales. Always ready for more, it will see you through your best and worst days.


RAB Microlight Alpine Family:

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Rab Microlight Technology


As one of the first certified members of the Responsible Down Standard, we are committed to improving animal welfare and ensuring our all our down is traceable throughout our supply chain.

Nikwax Hydrophobic Down

All the down used in our Microlight range is treated with Nikwax’s fluorocarbon-free water-repellent finish. This allows it to maintain loft by preventing it from absorbing water in damp conditions. See our Nikwax product care range.

Pertex Quantum Infinity Weave

Taking a new approach to baffle construction, the Microlight Summit is made from Pertex Quantum Infinity Weave. This innovative fabric eliminates the need for stitching, glue or heat, and is instead woven to increase wind and weather resistance.

Pertex Quantum

Pertex Quantum is a tightly woven, water-repellent fabric. As well as offering protection from the elements, this lightweight, durable fabric allows the down to fully loft, increasing warmth.


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