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Rab is based in the UK and has earned a reputation for producing exceptional outdoor clothing. Browse our range of Rab insulation jackets, softshell jackets and fleeces.

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Rab was founded, 1981, in Sheffield on the edge of Britain's most popular national park, The Peak District.

Rab was established by Rab Carrington, a highly experienced mountaineer and climber who had gone to South America to climb in Patagonia only to finish up sewing sleeping bags for a friend. Rab Carrington has remained a significant figure in the climbing fraternity throughout. In latter years becoming the President of the British Mountaineering Council (BMC)

Rab is still based close to the Peak District, giving their designers plenty of opportunities to test the kit out on Stanage Edge and other iconic climbing and hiking routes.

Rab maintains a factory in Derbyshire, UK, where staff with decades of experience are still employed to fill the sleeping bags that were some of the first products to establish the Rab label. Other garments are made abroad.

Rab produces sleeping bags, both down and synthetic, and a wide range of clothing including down jackets, waterproofs, base and mid layer pieces. They even make tents for really extreme mountain and polar conditions.

Rab's partnership with materials like Pertex and Polartec allowed for the development of warmer, lighter, more breathable garments, with good stretch and flexibility. Such garments are ideal for climbers who need a full range of movement and mustn't become cold if they are to perform effectively.

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To this day, Rab hand-fill their down insulated sleeping bags at their factory in Derbyshire, UK.

By the time the bags reaches the customer, they have never been compressed or stored in a way which could be harmful to the down inside.

The lightweight, packable sleeping bag options are ideal for alpine climbers, mountaineering trips or general winter conditions due to their compact and excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.