Founded in the 1940s Nalgene have been making and developing hydration containers to the present day for every person of every age and for every outdoor activity. Nalgene make narrow spout bottles for the Athletic, adventurous type and the Original water bottle with wide spout for all. With a range of bottles for the Adventurers, Campers, Hikers/Trekkers, Workers, Kids and Toddlers there will certainly be something for you in this range of well made, durable, plastic water bottles. 

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  • HDPE Wide Mouth Storage Bottle
  • Tritan 500ml Wide Mouth Bottle
  • Tritan 500ml Narrow Mouth Bottle
  • Tritan 1 Litre Wide Mouth Bottle
  • Tritan 1 Litre Narrow Mouth Bottle

In 1940 Chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the very first plastic pipette jars ever used. From this a passion sparked and he went on to form the Nalge company which he named after his wife Natalie Levey Goldberg. In the 1960's guys and girls working for the company in the laboratories ventured out on a backpacking trip into the wilderness. 

These happy hikers and campers knew that the growing trend for re-usable Carry In/Carry Out items with conservationists from around the world discouraging campers and walkers alike from common disposal practices. The scientists were using lab bottles to carry water on their adventures and cottoned onto a huge brainwave. Why not market these products as high quality hiking and camping essentials? And this is where Nalgene Outdoor was born.
Nalgene still based in the US sell durable water containers across the world to hikers/trekkers, exhibitionists and campers alike. These well designed, high quality water bottles are tough and can survive the vigorous lifestyle of the outdoor lover.