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Mountain Equipment makes outdoor clothing and equipment, producing some of the best waterproof jackets in the UK.

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Mountain Equipment was founded way back in 1961. Mountain Equipment is still based in the north of England, within easy reach of the Peak District and the Lakes. Which is really useful for their chief designer who's a dedicated climber and loves putting his designs through their paces. Mountain Equipment products are made largely in eastern Europe, where a skilled workforce is employed in modern facilities with high employee welfare standards.

Mountain Equipment specialises in warmth for cold environments. Primarily clothing and sleeping bags. Some of which will give you a good night's sleep at Polar minus 45 degrees centigrade. Indeed Mountain Equipment gear has been used on every major British mountaineering expedition for over 50 years.

You may know the Lightline, is the definitive down jacket, first created by Mountain Equipment in 1971 and unrelentingly popular ever since. Mountain Equipment leg-wear is some of the best for the value of any brand, with the Ibex softshell mountain pants having a real cult following. Their sleeping bags are second to none with the Helium range being especially popular.

Mountain equipment has also led in the field in ethics too. Promoting ethically sourced materials such as Down Codex and materials made from recycled product. This has extended to a highly rigorous ethical policy towards anybody employed anywhere in their supply chain, anywhere in the world. With Mountain Equipment you can be sure the kit you buy has had minimal impact on the environment, a positive impact on the people who made it, and will make a significant impact on your ability to achieve in the outdoors.

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Quality Sleeping Bags offer comfort, protection and reliable warmth in extreme conditions.

Mountain Equipment makes sure that 100% of the down they use comes from independently audited and traceable sources.