Men's Wellington Boots

Made in size and shape to suit your requirements, our range of men’s ‘wellies’ includes something for everyone. So, no matter whether you prefer a short, non-intrusive Wellington boot or a high rising boot that covers us for even the worst weather conditions, we have an option for you.

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    Mens Balmoral Wide Fit Winter Sale
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    Mens Balmoral Classic Wellington Boots Winter Sale
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  • Mens Norris Field Adjustable Wellington Boots
  • Mens Gardener Wellington Boot Winter Sale
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    Mens Gardener Wellington Boot Winter Sale
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  • Mens Amble Neoprene Wellington Boot Winter Sale

First developed as a modified Hessian boot way back in 1817, the Wellington boot has become a British staple. Originally made from leather, they were fitted just below the knee.

Obviously, we have come a long way since then and the design process has shifted hugely. Wellington boots or ‘wellies’ as they’re most affectionately known are an essential part of country lie and now, made from rubber, they’re more versatile than ever before. Here at e-OUTDOOR we stock quality men's wellington boots from leading outdoor brands Barbour and Hunter.

For those who are interested in statistics let’s throw some out there. According to Britain’s most comprehensive survey of sport and recreation participation, 9.1million adults in England, or 22% of the population, walk recreationally (here at e-OUTDOOR we call this Light Walking) for at least 30 minutes in four weeks. When you live in, or frequently visit, the countryside, are a dog owner, enjoy gardening, are a horse fanatic or even hold a National Trust Membership then no doubt you will spend a certain amount of time wondering what footwear will carry you through the day. More and more in today’s outdoor world people are choosing, yes actively choosing, to “whack on the wellies” over a pair of chunky, tough stuff hiking boots.

Wellies are perfect for outdoor adventures walking the dog, exploring the countryside, fishing and horse riding or even for festival fanatics and they can easily be stowed (or for most of us thrown) in the boot of the car. They provide a practical alternative to traditional boots for wet weather walking where trails and paths can be boggy and semi-flooded meaning you either embrace the mud pit, or try and weave round the route often ending in slipping into the puddles anyway. Longer length wellies often made from rubber keep you cleaner and can also be washed with ease after a muddy walk.

Get the Height Right. These days wellies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you’re the type of person who is not afraid of a little deep mud and wading through puddles, full length wellingtons are ideal but many, especially women, find tall wellies uncomfortable, rigid and restricting when on longer walks. Say hello to calf or ankle wellies which are lighter and more comfortable alternative for walking and if you are really bothered about wet legs you can always go all out and wear gaiters! Short wellies are perfect for dog walking, camping and gardening as they can be easily slipped on and off.

Consider Comfort. Everyone’s feet, ankles and calves unique to them. Being able to wear suitable socks which not only keep your feet warm but stop rubbing and chafing will make your walk cushty. If your feet are rattling around inside your wellies you are not going to be comfortable no matter how much you try and tell yourself you will “break them in”. Adding insoles or welly warmer socks to your Welly wardrobe will increase the comfort for your feet as most Wellington Boots are not cushioned and will also provide extra warmth as we all know wearing wellies can make your toes cold!

Does Size Matter? Wellington Boots are usually true to size but you need to consider what you will be wearing with them. Thick socks could suffocate your feet if the wellies are narrow fitting rather so you may want to consider a wide soled version or opting for a size up if really unsure. Different brands will have their own templates and so not all Wellington boot sizes will be the same if put next to each other but with a bit of accessorising you can get the perfect fit.

Trip, Slip – Get a Grip.When choosing a welly it is wise to consider an articulated sole for grip and a good heel which may add to the bulk of the boot but will give you better traction on different terrain. A thick tread will ensure you can glide in and out of the mud without sliding straight over on your bum! Rubber Wellingtons are durable and won’t disintegrate quickly like plastic based ones.

Don’t be Pudlle-Glum be Puddle Fun! Kids love jumping in puddles and grown-ups should too. If your welly boot doesn’t allow you to enjoy the outdoors then they are not fit for purpose so take a look around and find the ones that will put a grin on your chin as you feel the satisfying squelch beneath your feet.