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Mens walking and hiking pants and mens trousers. Water resistant and quick drying mens walking trousers from the best outdoor brands. Mens trousers with moisture wicking and moisture evaporation through the fabric when you are working hard. Protecting against the elements long enough for you to get to cover or pull a pair of waterproof trousers over the top of your outfit if the rain starts to pour down. Whether you're looking for stretch panel men's trousers, softshell pants, reinforced and articulated men's trousers here at e-OUTDOOR we stock a range of top outdoor brand men's trousers for hiking/trekking, light walking activities, camping and travel.

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A good pair of trousers have to protect, support, be comfortable and give the wearer freedom to move and enjoy the outdoors.

For technical men's walking trousers you will often want to have stretch panels – usually around the lower back and on the knees which will increase your freedom of movement. So whether hiking/trekking, climbing or undertaking adventurous outdoor activity you will have maximum movement range. A good pair of walking trousers will not be rigid and stiff but be slightly curved in the fabric at the knee a slight bend sewn into the design for maximum flexibility. To cross boulders, climb steps and just streams you need as much flexibility as you can get so a good pair of men's trousers will increase your comfort and support as you adventure.

A breathable pair of men's trousers can provide a lot of comfort and ensure that any excess heat and moisture is pushed away from your body when undertaking strenuous activity. Most of us work up a sweat when walking or enjoying the outdoors and if the weather is warm then having a durable pair of men's outdoor trousers with vent zips can be used to release excess heat keeping you cool and less sticky all day long.

Many top outdoor brands such as The North Face, Mountain Equipment, Rab and Jack Wolfskin ensure that the wearers comfort is priority when designing men's trousers and often the seams on the garments will have been moved to avoid rubbing and chaffing and to avoid having them in high-wear areas on a good men's walking trousers. Some trousers have a higher back or a higher waist, some men's trousers have a fixed belt or elastic waist for comfort or have been designed for wear with a backpack or rucksack. Having a higher waisted trouser will ensure your shirt does not ride up and cause discomfort under your pack. These details may be small but they will make a huge difference when you are spending long days outdoors exploring the world.

Other trousers in our range include men's camping pants and men's travel trousers which often come with more reinforcement in terms of stronger material where you would have found stretch panels on a walking trouser around the knees and seat. If you're a camper you will know that a lot of time is spent on your knees or sitting enjoying views over a small fire or stove. These men's trousers will often boats many pockets for storing all sorts of gadgets and tools you may require while exploring and pitching your tent. With the right pair of trousers you can be assured of a comfortable, companion for life no matter where you are or what you are doing.