Men's Outdoor Hiking and Walking Boots and Shoes

Getting the right men's walking boots or men's hiking shoes, a classic pair of men's wellington boots, some casual camping slippers for cosy fire times or even men's sandals can become a difficult choice with so much out there on the footwear market. Mens leather boots for serious waterproof hikings and lightweight fabric or gore-tex boots, mid boots or hiking shoes. Wide fitting hiking boots for wide feet.

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Whether you're embarking on a leisurely stroll through the countryside or a determined trek through the mountains, we have footwear suitable for all activities from some of the best outdoor brands such as BarbourHunterLowaKeenScarpaMeindl and many more. Part of our extensive collection of men's outdoor footwear includes sturdy and lightweight waterproof walking boots and shoes which are perfect for improving stability and traction on difficult to navigate terrain. We have the best pick of men's walking shoes, sandals and light walking wear from top brands like The North Face and Merrell. Let us help you choose the right men's walking footwear for your feet.

Leather men's walking boots and men's leather shoes have a stronger, sturdier feel to them and with the fully covered outer they give you greater protection from the elements you may face on the mountainside. They are made from tougher stuff which means they cope better with scratches and bumps which are all too common as you head further off the beaten track. The more you head off the track the more dirt you come into contact with. Leather walking boots and men's leather walking shoes are easy to maintain and clean and if properly looked after with reputable care products can last a very long time. Men's leather boots and men's leather shoes tend to be waterproof and if not have a great degree of water repellency which means they are great for year round use in all weather conditions and when exploring off the track by the riverside where the footing can be damp however because of this it can mean that the boot is less breathable and your feet can get sweaty if you are not wearing the right socks and the summer sun is beating down on you. As leather boots and shoes are more rigid they can take a lot longer to “wear in” than material boots. With all the extra tough natural material Leather Walking boots and shoes can be heavier and more bulky and often op the more expensive end of the Walking Boot range.

Material Walking Boots and shoes tend to form the cheaper end of the walking boot range but that is not to say they are not as good. Men's boots and men's shoes made from softer materials can be more flexible than a pair of leathers and will support your natural foot movement more easily. As there is less bulk to them they are often lightweight and give your foot more room to breathe when under pressure. Material Walking Boots are often padded out with cushioning which supports your foot and means they are easier to “wear in” meaning you can get out in comfort in quicker time however if you are looking to take the boots off the track they aren’t quite as abrasive as leather shoes and will possibly scuff or rip a little easier. Material boots, shoes and sandals don’t tend to give vast amounts of protection from the elements especially the ones with mesh sides or air vents. These walking boots, shoes and sandals can be hard to clean as the dirt and mud can stick to the material and often it takes a bit of effort to get it off – in turn rubbing down the material causing wear. This men's footwear will need reproofing regularly and take a fair amount of care and maintenance to keep in good working order.

Getting the right men's walking boots or men's hiking shoes or even men's sandals and a pair of comfortable men's socks is key to an enjoyable day in the great outdoors. Take a look at our handy guide on What socks with walking boots? for help on choosing the right pair of socks for your footwear.