Walking & Outdoor Footwear Accessories

From traction to insoles, we have every footwear accessory you need to make your journey comfortable, practical and efficient. Our range of footwear accessories are designed to include something for everyone, so no matter whether you’re looking to maintain your footwear with a rubber care kit to ensure that it lasts, or if you’re looking for a pedometer to monitor your mileage, then we have the perfect option for you.

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    Trailblazer Comfort Max Insoles Winter Sale
    NOW £20.00 RRP £40.00 | Save £20.00 (50%)
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    Womens Trailblazer Comfort Max Insoles Winter Sale
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    Blue Insoles Winter Sale
    NOW £17.50 RRP £35.00 | Save £17.50 (50%)
  • Luxury Shearling Insoles Winter Sale
  • Spiky Crampon Winter Sale
    NOW £6.50 RRP £26.00 | Save £19.50 (75%)
  • Crampon Winter Sale
    NOW £4.24 RRP £16.95 | Save £12.71 (75%)

We understand that if you buy any of our footwear that you want it to both look and perform at its very highest level, maintaining the same level of performance as the day that it was first bought. That’s why we’re incredibly proud to stock a wide range of footwear accessory products, so that you take care of your footwear, using accessories made by the world leading brands that created your footwear. We stock a range of waterproofers and protection products that restore your garments to their original levels of repellency.

Much like your waterproofs, your walking boots will last longer if you take care of them. Rapid drying, heater drying, and not nourishing the leather of the boots can all lead to a boot cracking and eventually splitting. Caring for your boots is simple, and here are a few things to remember to clean your boots, thoroughly removing all mud and debris and that boots need nourishing when they look dry. Reproof little and often and do not dry boots in a hot room or near a heater; this can cause leather and material to shrink and crack.