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Established in 1928, Meindl has gained a reputation for producing exceptional footwear. We stock the best Meindl Walking Boots and Meindl Shoes in a wide range of sizes.

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When was Meindl founded?

  • In 1683, Petrus Meindl worked as the first shoemaker in the Meindl family in Kirchanschoring, Germany. 

Where are Meindl from?

  • 1928, Lukas starts the Meindl company in Kirchanschoring with 1 stitch machine and two extra workers.

Interesting facts about Meindl

  • In 1974, Meindl is run by Lukas' s two sons and they win the German Footwear championships.
  • In 1978, Hubert Hillmayer conquers Everest in Meindl footwear.
  • In 1981, Meindl is one of the first to use Gore-Tex membranes in their boots.
  • By 1990, the eleventh generation of the Meindl family is still working in Kirchanschoring!
  • In 1993, Meindl is distributed to the UK and Ireland by Bramwell International.
  • 2003 marks the 750,000th Island Pro model being sold and they won 4 different footwear awards.
  • In 2007 Meindl open successful shops in Prague and China.
  • 2013- Felix Baumgartner used Meindl boots in his jump from a space capsule at a height of 39,045 metres at 767 mph!

Where are Meindl boots made?

  • Everything is still manufactured in Germany.

What type of products to Meindl make?

  • Meindl manufacture mountaineering footwear, and hiking boots, mid boots and hiking shoes but Meindl also make hunting and military grade footwear too.

What are the best Meindl products?

  • The Island Pro Mfs is the brand's most popular boot, followed by the Air revolution, Vakuum Gtx and the Magic 5.0.

Meindl Ethical/environmental practices

  • In 2005, Meindl launch the Alfons Meindl Foundation for the promotion and support of people who suffer hardship through no fault of their own.

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