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Manufacturing over 100 products to help provide a better outdoor experience, McNett's family of brands are tested in the most extreme environments so they'll work anywhere. McNett's Gear Aid range of products are the miracle workers of repair and maintenance. Gear Aid products are the best and most fool-proof way of repairing your gear and adding extra life to your beloved items.

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  • GORE-TEX Medium Weight Repair Kit - 2 Black Patches SALE
    NOW £4.99 RRP £7.99 | Save £3.00 (38%)
  • Freesole 28g Tube SALE
    NOW £7.65 RRP £8.50 | Save £0.85 (10%)
  • Silnet 28g Tube SALE
    NOW £7.65 RRP £8.50 | Save £0.85 (10%)
  • Zip Care 60 ml SALE
    NOW £6.29 RRP £6.99 | Save £0.70 (10%)
  • Seamgrip 28g Tube With Brush Applicator SALE
    NOW £7.65 RRP £8.50 | Save £0.85 (10%)
  • Black Witch 28g Tube SALE
    NOW £7.65 RRP £8.50 | Save £0.85 (10%)
  • Seamsure 60 ml SALE
    NOW £7.65 RRP £8.50 | Save £0.85 (10%)
  • Tenacious Tape Reflective 50 X 7.6cm SALE
    NOW £7.99 RRP £8.99 | Save £1.00 (11%)
  • Tenacious Patch Repair Kit - 2 Clear & 2 Black Patch SALE
    NOW £4.99 RRP £6.99 | Save £2.00 (29%)
McNett understand that real outdoor kit is meant to be used and well worn but also needs to go the distance and look after you. With their range of products you will always be prepared in the field and will have to means to repair and prepare for you next adventure.
Mcnett Gear Aid Freesole Shoe and Boot Repair
  • Designed to repair, restore and rebuild all types of footwear. Can be used to make toe caps too.
Seam repairs
McNett Gear Aid Seam Grip Seam Sealer
  • The repair kit for tents, fabrics, waterproof laminates, leather and vinyl.
Mcnett Gear Aid Sil Net Silicone Seam Sealer
  • Perfectly formulated to seal seams on silicone based tents and outdoor products.
McNett Gear Aid Seam Sure Seam Sealer
  • Ideal for sealing tent seams, tarps, waterproof clothing and backpacks.
General Use
Repairs damage to clothing, sleeping bags and tents. Choose your preferred type of product - tape on a roll or patches that can be applied whole or cut to size.

McNett Gear Aid Tenacious Clear Repair Tape
  • Fast, permanent, nearly invisible waterproof repairs on down jackets, gilets, sleeping bags and tents.
McNett Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Patches
  • Covers rips and tears with strong adhesive patches for tents, tarp, waterproof clothing, sleeping bags and backpacks
Gore-Tex Repairs
McNett Gear Aid Gore-Tex Repair Kit
  • Make your GTX clothing last longer with these waterproof repair patches.