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The Lowe Alpine brothers designed and built the first internal frame backpack, first adjustable back system, first side compressors, first sternum strap and first load stabilisers. All now considered industry standards, but back in 1967, truly groundbreaking. Lowe Alpine were at the forefront of a new outdoor fabric revolution - fleece insulation - with Polartec.

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Lowe Alpine's well-established backpack development team now designs products that are distributed to over 40 countries around the world.

Lowe Alpine is a leading worldwide manufacturer of outdoor gear, still creating new solutions to old problems. They stay true to the Lowe brothers' vision: to create innovative, practical outdoor products using exacting levels of design and materials suitable for any outdoor activity in any conditions anywhere on the planet.

Since 1967 Lowe Alpine have been in the business of manufacturing climbing gear and backpacks for hikers and mountaineers around the world. This company has a rich history which started with Jeff, Greg and Mike Lowe; brothers who saw a real need to make quality gear for themselves and other passionate hard climbers from the Colorado area.

For carrying large amounts of gear and clothing in the mountains, in 1967, Greg invented a backpack with a flexible, internal frame which was more roomy, stable and supportive and called it the 'Expedition'. It is an iconic piece of equipment remembered today.

Later the brothers invented the first port-a ledge type tent called the L.U R P so climbers could camp overnight attached to the mountain without needing to find a convenient ledge to sleep on. In the 1970's, the brothers manufactured more ethical climbing equipment that wouldn't damage rock, softer and more organised backpacks for travellers to use and military styled, more durable and tough packs for the Army.

Female fitting packs appeared in their range as early as 1979 and also quick release plastic buckles, replacing the old, heavy metal ones used by everyone else.

Today, Lowe Alpine is still manufacturing adjustable and precision fitting packs and super light versions for mountain athletes.

Here at e-Outdoor we have stocked this brand in our stores and online for years and now have a huge range of male and female fitting packs and luggage in sizes and colours too suit all tastes. Feel free to talk to our sales team for advice on fitting and our latest ranges on 01327 312757.