Lowa Hiking Boots and Shoes

Lowa boots are designed for long hiking trips with heavy bags. They're particularly effective on choppy terrain. Lowa are possibly the most durable and comfortable hiking footwear you can buy. Lowa make leather boots and shoes and are waterproofed with GORE-TEX.

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    Mens Ranger III GORE-TEX Regular Fit Winter Sale

Lowa Sportschue GmBH was founded in 1923 by Lorenz Wagner and has been part of the Italian Tecnica Group since 1993. They are headquartered in the Bavarian village of Jetzendorf near Munich, Germany, employing over 250 staff. All Lowa's hiking footwear range is made in both Germany and Italy and their Kids and Travel footwear in Slovakia, exporting goods to 55 countries.

In 1993 Lowa manufactured 330,000 pairs but today this has grown to 2.8 million and in 2013 they celebrated 90 years in the footwear business. Lowa manufacture footwear to cover a multitude of activities over different terrain from Alpine mountaineering to rock climbing and general hiking.

At e-outdoor.co.uk our favourite and best seller in both the men and women's boot and shoe category, is the Renegade collection. These offer straight out the box comfort, are completely waterproof and available in standard or a wider fit. Lowa seek to reduce their environmental impact where possible and give back where they can like planting 500 new trees in the Bavarian forest every year. This company is also involved in many social projects including financing a school in Nepal, donating shoes and supporting the homeless. For more information and sales support, please contact our Sales Team on 01327 312 757.