Komperdell Walking Poles

Who are Komperdell?

From the hazel-nut and bamboo pole of the 30-ies, the stainless-steel tube of the 50-ies, the high density aluminium pole of the 70-ies and 80-ies to the new materials like Titanal.HF and the light and break proof carbon tube of today. Ever since the foundation of the company, more than 80 years ago, 100% of all KOMPERDELL poles have been produced in Austria in order to secure top quality and consistency.

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Komperdell was founded in 1922 in Vienna, Austria and began making wooden and bamboo poles, then went onto ski pole manufacturing by 1928. As time moved forward, so did the materials they used and by 1970 Komperdell were making 150,000 poles a year. The brand was increasing in popularity with well known athletes using their poles like World Cup Skier Franz Klammer winning the 1976 Olympics and Climber Gerlinder Kaltenbrunner who succeeded in summiting 11 of 14 8,000 metre peaks with Komperdell's lightweight trekking poles.

In 1983, the Roiser family took over the running of Komperdell, moving premises to St Lorenz near Lake Mondsee which is where it still is today employing over 200 people and manufacturing 800,000 poles a year.

They also produce body protectors for motorsport and the Equine industry as well as Nordic poles and snow shoes.

As well as sponsoring world class athletes, Komperdell realise how important the Sherpa's role is in providing safety and guidance so supply them with the same telescopic poles as the mountaineers. This company is involved in many different projects and also help Special Needs institutions providing assembling and packing jobs. Like many industries, Komperdell have a role to play in helping protect the environment and do so by using recycled aluminium in their poles thus reducing Co2 emissions and use water soluble coatings to avoid pollution. Their packaging is also recyclable and kept to a minimum where possible.

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