Invo-8 are incredibly proud of their British heritage. Offering great active shoes for the outdoors from the Roclite to the Mudclaw. To ensure only the highest standard of performance, Inov-8 uses the latest technology to push the boundaries of conventional design.

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Inov-8 is relatively young compared to many outdoor brands. The company was founded in 2003 by Wayne Edy. It is now one of the leading all-terrain footwear brands who pride themselves in creating high quality, innovative products for both running and training. Inov-8 trade in over 60 countries and though it's origins remain "firmly in the British fells" the brand are dedicated to meeting the needs of the many terrains that have been travelled.

Inov-8 are based in the North Pennines, or 'England's last wilderness' as it has been dubbed.

"From the mountain summits of the Alps and Rockies to the desert wilderness of the Sahara and Antarctica, our adventures have led us to one single truth: The athletes’ interaction with the environment is the single most important factor when designing products" With a keen desire to provide athlete-centric innovation with the creative and the adaptable range Inov-8 offer, caters for a range of needs and  terrain.

This innovative, pioneering company has always wanted to supply products where the foot controls the shoe not the shoe controlling the foot. This makes it such a niche brand. The Mudroc was their first shoe which had amazing grip and cushioning which did really well from the beginning, but the X-Talon is Inov-8"s gold winning shoe and one of the best off-road running shoes in the world.

The terrain is the focus of Inov-8 design process. Choose the terrain, consider the conditions, then work with athletes to make the perfect footwear.