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1 Person Tents are the way to go if you like a bit of privacy on your camping trips and luckily we have a great selection for you. Whether you're trekking across the country, or scaling a mountain these tents will suit your needs. If you're planning a camping trip or just want to hang out in the garden with your kids then two man tents are for you. 3 person tents are ideal for the family. They're compact, lightweight and spacious once they're set up. 4-8 Person Tents have been designed for large families or groups that want a great value tent, which won't break the bank and doesn't compromise on space.

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There are so many tents out there to choose from, trying to find the perfect tent to meet all your requirements can send you round and round in circles. In the end it is about deciding what is the order of your priorities, for example you may be prepared to take on some extra weight, in order to have the space you want inside your tent. Take a moment and put these four in order of priority for you – price, weight, living space and ease of erection. You may have other factors that you want to take into account, for example if you are stealth camping then colour is important.

Are you a backpacker?  Setting off with your home on your back to explore some new territory, you are answerable to nobody but yourself, no deadlines, only the goals you choose and a choice of scenery for your resting place. There is a feeling of completeness knowing all that is needed for the next few days is on your back, and that the big wide world you are entering is your home.Getting your tent right is essential, it wants to be big enough for you to feel comfortable, not too heavy to carry, easy to erect and of course at a price that you are willing to pay. A tent needs to be weatherproof and secure, and pack down small enough to fit into your rucksack.