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We have a selection of the best camping gear for your camping trip.

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  • Eclipse II Tent Winter Sale
  • Starlight I Synthetic Sleeping Bag Winter Sale
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  • Classic Comfort 3.8 Mat Winter Sale
  • Starlight Micro Regular Synthetic Sleeping Bag Winter Sale
  • Superlite 2.5 Regular Mat / Sunshine Winter Sale
  • Competition Tarp 1 Winter Sale
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  • Travelpak 4 Synthetic Sleeping Bag / Grey / Left Hand Zip Winter Sale
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  • All Weather Shelter Winter Sale
  • F10 Aero Compact 3 Mat Winter Sale
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  • Travelpak Traveller Sleeping Bag Winter Sale
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  • Atlas XL Suspension System Winter Sale
  • Double Flocked Airbed Winter Sale
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  • Micronet Single Mosquito Net Winter Sale
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  • 0.6L Kettle Hard Anodised Aluminium Winter Sale
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  • AC/DC Electric Pump Winter Sale
  • Collapsible Bowl Winter Sale
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  • Single Flocked Airbed Winter Sale
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  • Silnet 28g Tube Winter Sale
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  • Seamsure 60 ml Winter Sale
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  • Pivot Spoon Winter Sale
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  • Large Square Pillow Winter Sale
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  • Intensity Glow Markers Winter Sale
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  • Intensity Glow Markers Winter Sale
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  • Ellipse Plate Winter Sale
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Tents & Shelters

1 Person Tents are the way to go if you like a bit of privacy on your camping trips and luckily we have a great selection for you. Whether you're trekking across the country or scaling a mountain these tents will suit your needs. If you're planning a camping trip or just want to hang out in the garden with your kids then two-man tents are for you. 3 person tents are ideal for the family. They're compact, lightweight and spacious once they're set up. 

There are so many tents out there to choose from, trying to find the perfect tent to meet all your requirements can send you round and round in circles. In the end, it is about deciding what is the order of your priorities, for example, you may be prepared to take on some extra weight, in order to have the space you want inside your tent. Take a moment and put these four in order of priority for you – price, weight, living space and ease of erection. You may have other factors that you want to take into account, for example, if you are stealth camping then the colour is important.

Getting your tent right is essential, it wants to be big enough for you to feel comfortable, not too heavy to carry, easy to erect and of course at a price that you are willing to pay. A tent needs to be weatherproof and secure, and pack down small enough to fit into your rucksack.

Sleeping Bags

When you're bedding down for the night, a comfortable sleeping bag can mean the difference between a good night's sleep and a terrible one. Warm, snug and easy to use, you need to be able to rely on your sleeping bag.

Are you looking for a sleeping bag this spring/summer for backpacking or light camping at an affordable price? Maybe your son or daughter is planning to do the DofE, or you are backpacking abroad, light camping in Britain? Here are some Vango sleeping bags designed for such adventures at very affordable prices for the one-off, or occasional adventurer.

We offer both synthetic and down sleeping bags. Synthetic sleeping bags are cheaper, easier to clean and will perform better when wet. However, synthetic sleeping bags do not retain heat like down does, and are bulkier. Natural down is very effective at retaining heat, and they are lighter and take up less space. Down sleeping bags don't function well if they get wet however, as the feathers lose their ability to trap heat, and they take a long time to dry out again.

The selection of Sleeping Mats and Beds are perfect for camping and travelling. Make your camping trip that bit more comfortable with a lightweight, foam or inflatable sleeping mat. That bit of luxury between you and the ground. Some folk can sleep anywhere, but most of us will be only too aware of that lump of earth that is just in the wrong place, no matter how much you twist and turn it is annoyingly sticking in you, and a broken nights sleep is simply miserable. To lay your aching body down on the ground that is as hard as concrete is only slightly better than the wrack! A good sleeping mat can make all the difference.  

Lighting and Torches

Shine bright in the night with a top torch or lantern from our specially chosen selection of Lighting and Torches for camping, travelling and outdoor activities. Torches are great for navigational use and lanterns provide perfect lighting solutions for those camping trips. 

It’s not uncommon to find that you are finishing your walk in the dark. Even if you have planned to finish your walk in good time, there is always the possibility of being delayed. So it’s not a bad idea to slip a torch into your rucksack before you leave the house. The soft glow of a lantern can provide great light for your path. Ranging in prices these lanterns create ambience and also shed light widely around to give light to your path or inside your tent. They are great for little ones who don't enjoy sleeping in the dark. 

Top Tip: If you have a Petzl Torch lying around why not convert it into a bright little lantern by putting it inside the Petzl Noctilight - a great way to make the most out of your existing gear!

Cooking and Eating

Enjoy a feast when out exploring with our range of food products, eating utensils and cooking stoves to suit all outdoor activities. There are large, small, packable and family-sized stoves in our range all designed to suit your cooking and eating need. With Jetboil, Solo Stove and Optimus stoves, we have something here for you.

Stoves - It is important that you know your stove inside out. Take some time to read all of the information that comes in the packaging and spend some time fiddling with it, turning the gauges and setting up wind shields etc, ensuring you know how each bit works before you add the fuel and set it alight as you might just set yourself ablaze if you’re not careful!

Here at e-OUTDOOR we have picked our favourite TOP 5 Camping Stoves – all have been tried and tested and cover a variety of different fuel types. Ready-Steady-Cook!

So with all these stoves, you are going to need the food to go with it. We have a range of boil in the bag meals for the on the go explorer. With cook and eat meals you can easily pack many meals for your hike, trek or expedition and cater for your hunger pangs along the trail. You are also going to need something to eat from. Whether your'e a mess tin kinda person or a full picnic set carrier we have pots, pans, cups, plates and cutlery made from plastic or stainless steel for your trip.