Backpacking Essentials

Taking a trip soon? Make sure you are kitted out with the latest travel gear designed to ease your journey and give you the most versatile ways of carrying, storing, enjoying and making the most of your trip.

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  • Lifeventure Ultralight Dry Bag
  • Eddy+ Bottle
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  • TSA Combi Lock
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  • TSA Combi Lock
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  • Total Clear Drinking Bottle
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  • Tritan 500 ml Narrow Mouth Bottle
  • Tritan 500 ml Narrow Mouth Bottle
  • Tritan 500 ml Narrow Mouth Bottle
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    Kibo RFiD Small Waist Pack
  • TSA Mini Padlocks - Pack Of 2
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  • Boarding Pouch RFID

Safety and First Aid

Safety is paramount in all situations so make sure you are prepared with the right kit for your outdoor pursuit. Along with this, you need to stay clean and maintain your health. Mountain hiking and climbing carries risks, and injuries by slips, trips and falls are common. Knowing what to do if you are injured up a mountain is vital and could potentially save yours or another climber in the groups' life.

Outdoor enthusiasts are becoming more aware of the problem of ticks. These blood-sucking arthropods can cause Lyme disease plus others. Care Plus has a variety of products to help. The Sheep tick is the most likely of the species to bite a human, these ticks live mainly in forests, heathland, moorland and rough pasture where wild animals thrive especially deer. They do not fly but wait on the end of foliage for a passing host to latch onto, they then crawl to a suitable place on a body to feed. Make sure you have your bug nets and tick removers to hand if you're off on your travels. 


Water is your No. 1 priority on any adventure. Finding a good hydration system can not only save your life, but it can also change your life. Stay hydrated and at peak performance with our hydration systems, packs and bottles. We even have something for the little ones too! If you're heading out to the wilds and think you might be short on water, be sure to equip yourself with a water filter or purification system. They are all easy to use and could either save your life or else save you from some severe (and embarrassing) unexpected events! Having enough fluid for any outdoor activity is always essential, water is also probably the single heaviest item you will carry when on a backpacking trip.

Can you drink stream water?

Some people say you can if – the stream is fast flowing over rocks, not polluted by chemicals (e.g. fertilizers), not near animals (e.g. cattle), or human habitation. Or near any current or old mining works. The higher the ground that the watercourse is running through the better because there is less chance of pollution. There are people who will tell you that they have been drinking from such sources for years and never had any problems. Is it really worth the risk though? You cannot always see if there is perhaps a dead sheep further upstream or some unhealthy organic matter. There are some pretty deadly water-borne diseases like Weil’s disease, that can be spread through rats urine. Also, waterborne pathogenic organisms can make you very ill. You can never be a 100% sure that the crystal clear water you are looking at is safe to drink.

Travel Essentials

Here at e-OUTDOOR, we have put together a great range of pocket-sized Travel "must-haves" that we think will get even the most adventurous backpacker kitted out!

Making that tough decision on what Travel Gear to take on your exciting off the track adventure is easy to start with - You’ll probably begin by choosing all of the outdoor gear you’ve ever owned, pile it all up on the bed, pulling out the things you think you need, creating a huge explosion of kit all around your room and then slowly try to pack all of the other bits which you didn't choose into every last bit of space in your Travel Bag or Rucksack! Once you realize not all of this kit, the kitchen sink included is not going to fit into your side pouches or strap to the front of your rucksack, you can filter out all of the unnecessary junk and you will realize that compromise is necessary.

Ultimately the final choice of what you take is yours, of course, but this is a good place to start. Happy Travelling!