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Whatever outdoor equipment you're looking for, our UK shop offers a collection of rucksacks, backpacking and walking outdoor essentials you need for your next adventure.

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We handpick a collection of the best outdoor, travel and camping equipment and bags. This is to offer you the outdoor equipment essentials to go with your adventure clothing outfit. How do you spend your leisure time? Indoors? Outdoors? We have all of the gear and gadgets you could desire to make your trip a success.

Keeping items dry when out on the trail is always an issue so why not check out the range of tough dry bags for all outdoor activity.

When in an emergency you need a whistle that can be found easily - it will take almost no room in your backpack. Hopefully, it will never get used, but if you are out in the wild and something goes seriously wrong it could save your life. A powerful whistle that can be heard over a great distance.

If you need to start a fire in wet or windy conditions when out on the trail, a FireStarter will do it. This pocket-sized fire-starter will generate a spark that will ignite any dry tinder to get a fire going whether wild camping or walking.

An emergency poncho that reflects back body heat to keep you warm whilst acting as an effective barrier to the wind and rain. It can also be used as a highly visible signaling device. All this gear and much more in this extensive range of quality products.