Gregory Packs a hands-on first look at these backpacks

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Gregory Packs are dedicated to those who enjoy backpacking for a day, for the trail, or for travelling around the world. At the age of 14, Wayne Gregory designed his first backpack as part of a Boy Scout Project. Four … Continued

Safe and effective ways to purify drinking water when hiking

It was a perfect blue sky with an eager sun reflecting off of the hard granite stone of the Glyders.   I was with a small group of friends (none of us really mountaineering experts) that had climbed Tryfan, we … Continued

Three ways to stay hydrated on the trail

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  Walking is thirsty work especially on a hot sunny day when there is just one more hill to climb!   The importance of fluids We all carry liquid of some form with us on our walks in a variety … Continued

A Waterproof Jacket made from Recycled Materials – Jack Wolfskin Men’s Sierra Trail Jacket Review

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On the Turn – Going ECO-Friendly Walking is one of Britains most popular recreations but in today’s world you cannot go anywhere without being conscious of ensuring that you are doing your bit for the planet and just as we … Continued