Questions To Ask Before Buying Flip Flops

Flip-flops offer a relaxed vibe and summer look. They also add a slower pace to life, mainly because it’s hard to run in them! Shout out to the UK flip-flop (not hip-hop) crew, people who wear them consistently through Spring and Summer. With the UK weather, that’s a worthy achievement.

I too, prefer the freedom and breath-ability of flip-flops. Plus the incentive to cut my toe nails. Recently, with a heavy heart, I decided to retire my trusty pair of leather Animal flip-flops. I remember buying them for a trip to Barcelona just over 10 years ago. They had been worn everywhere and each summer I would watch my pasty white feet slowly brown. Anyway, they had set the standards high and I wanted my new pair to be just as good.

I had three questions:

  1. Are these flip-flops going to last?
  2. Are they comfy for long periods of use?
  3. How do they handle moisture? Warm weather + Skin = Sweat.

The last two summers I’ve been trying two types of flip flops. Summer 2018 (which was a good one) I wore a pair of The North Face Base Camp flip-flops. This Summer I have been wearing Teva Classic Flip Premium Leather.

The Leather Teva and The North Face Base Camps I have been wearing.

The North Face Base Camp Flip Flop

What was the size like?
I tried a couple of sizes to get it right. I am normally a UK 9.5 and went with a UK size 9.
Are they going to last?
These North Face flip-flops are tough. They are a bit more than your average flip-flop and can handle day to day wear. The rubber out-sole is durable.
Are they comfy for long periods of use?
The foot-bed is really good, the egg crate design (offering arch support) is actually very comfortable.
How do they handle moisture?
They are made with synthetic materials which was something different for me. After longer use, I found the synthetic foot-bed would retain moisture and start to smell.

The Base Camp Flip Flop

Teva Classic Flip Premium Leather

What was the size like?
These are leather and not as comfortable straight on compared to the The North Face Base Camp. I tried a few sizes trying to get the right amount of space between the toe and behind the heel. Also, I needed the strap not to be too tight. I settled on a UK 9.
Are they going to last?
With the leather material and the solid sole, I feel like I am really wearing a premium flip-flop. These will last me a lot longer than most other flip-flops.
Are they comfy for long periods of use?
As you can see in a photo below, they are moulding to my feet as I wear them (like my last leather pair) and seem to grow more and more comfortable.
How do they handle moisture?
Very noticeable that the leather can be worn longer and still not smell. The leather is a lot less absorbent.

In summary, I will definitely be keeping both. There is no doubt they are both good flip flops, plus I paid good money for them. The Teva will be my go-to flip-flops for everyday use. I will wear the Base Camps for short term comfort like hanging out at home. Every now and then I might rock up to a BBQ in them. You may point out that I could just clean the Base Camps regularly to keep them smelling fresh. True, but I’m lazy and find leather easier to maintain.

Notice the Teva Leather is being moulded by my feet
Both soles are durable.

Any other flip-flop fans out there? Do have any useful advice or brands you recommend? Or just any stories about your favourite pair or ridiculously large collections… leave me a comment below.

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