All you need to know about Tilley Hats

What makes a Tilley Hat so special?

Is it the fact that it has a lifetime guarantee? Is it the very practical style – or the fact that it floats on water?

These were all important things for Alex Tilley back in 1980. He had become frustrated that he could not find a decent sailing hat for himself and other Toronto sailors, so he decided that he would create his own. He wanted a hat that would float, stay on, last indefinitely and look attractive – the result the Tilley Hat

In 1984 he established Tilley Endurables as a fledgling mail order company in Canada, this quickly evolved into the major company it is today having designed what is probably one of the most popular outdoor hats available.

10 things you may not know about Tilley Hats

Tilley hats do float! Sewn into the top of the hats is a non-absobent foam liner, some have a foam liner in the brim as well. So if you do drop your hat in the water it will not sink. Also Tilley Hats have a secret pocket sewn under the crown where you can stow away valuables.

In their Performance and Airflo Collections (which are the most popular for outdoor enthusiasts) all their hats are made from material that is tested and certified to ensure a maximum sun protection rating of UPF 50+. They are DWR treated to repel water and have a life time guaranteed not to wear out due to normal wear and tear, poor workmanship or faulty material will be repaired or replaced.

They are lightweight – weighing 4oz or less and are ventilated by mesh, grommets, vents/or breathable fabric to help keep the wearer cool and comfortable. The Airflo collection is especially designed to allow hot air to escape and have a dark under brim to help reduce glare from water and sun.

They also have a wind cord so a Tilley hat stays on your head on a windy day.

Are Tilley Hats expensive? Well relatively yes! But – you buy a hat for life that is more than ready for your outdoor activities and is destined to become an old favourite that you grab off of the peg every time you step out of the door..

How to get the right fit

Tilley Endurables guidance to getting the size of your hat right is “measure the crown of your head with a measuring tape. Stand up straight and wrap the measuring tape around your head horizontally parallel to the floor. Make sure the bottom of the tape touches tight above your eyebrows while measuring straight around your head. Once you know your measurement, reference the table below to find your size.

CentimetresInchesTilley Hat SizeLetter Size
5521 5/86 7/8Extra Small (XS)
56227Small (S)
5722 3/87 1/8Medium (M)
5822 3/47 1/4Medium (M)
5923 1/47 3/8Large (L)
6023 1/27 1/2Large (L)
6123 7/87 5/8Extra Large (XL)
61.524 1/47 3/4Extra Large (XL)
62.524 5/87 7/8Extra Extra Large (2XL)
63.5258Extra Extra Large (2XL)
66.526 1/48+Extra Extra Extra Large (3XL)

Is there anything else to know about Tilley hats?

There is a choice of fabrics. Many of their hats are made from polyester – excellent for wicking away sweat, but they also do hemp – really tough and durable, organic cotton and nylon fabric hats. Giving a choice of fabric that will best suite you.

There is the LTM6 broad brimed hat, really useful when out in the baking glare of the sun. The Polaris is a stretch softshell hat especially designed for sailing enthusiasts with a tuck away cape to protect your neck and shoulders on long days on the water. A new addition is the hikers hat designed for hikers this lightweight hat has a Hyperkewl insert, absorbing and retaining applied water to help keep you cool on really hot days.

Off course there is the classic Wanderer the most popular of all the Tilley hats.

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