What is The North Face sizing like?

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One of the most frequently asked questions we receive about The North Face clothing at e-OUTDOOR is “what is the sizing like?

There is no standard sizing across the various clothing brands. Most of us have probably bought an item of clothing online which we thought was our usual size. Then after putting it on, found that it was a little bit baggier or tighter than we had expected.

So it is not surprising that many customers should ask this question, and we want to help you find the best answer.

So what is the sizing like?

Some companies focus mainly upon the more athletic outdoor pursuits and so their clothing is cut to fit a slimmer figure. The North Face manufacture outdoor clothing for a range of activities and therefore they aim to cover a wide variety of body shapes. This can make finding a good fit a little more involved, you may have longer arms for example or a deeper chest.

If you buy an item of The North Face clothing from e-OUTDOOR and you find that there is some aspect of the fit that you are not completely happy about we are happy to exchange the item for a better fit provided that :-

  • It is within 60 days of purchase
  • The original tags are with the item
  • The item is in it’s original packaging
  • All the above are in good condition
  • You will be charged 10% surcharge if any of the above are missing or damaged.

Some basic guidance about The North Face sizing

Advice for Men – Being an American company, The North Face Men’s jackets do come up slightly larger for equivalent sized jackets of European origin. Click here to see our North Face range for Men.

Advice for Women – Generally good for size, use this conversion and you should get it right:

  • XS – UK 8
  • S – UK 10
  • M – UK 12
  • L – UK 14
  • XL – UK 16

Click here to see our North Face range for Women.

Other frequently asked questions about The North Face

There are two other questions that people often ask.

  1. How do I know that it is a genuine The North Face item?
  2. How long is The North Face clothing guaranteed for?

Is it a Genuine North Face Product?

The North Face is a well known brand not only in the outdoor world but also in fashion. The brand is very popular and the logo carries a certain kudos about it. As with any quality product buying clothing from The North Face is considered an investment by many of us. It is not surprising then that there is a market for cheaper poorer quality imitations that carry the name and the logo.

So how can you tell if the item you have just bought is the genuine article?

All The North Face products have a hologram attached to their clothing labels proving authenticity. The clothing label can usually be found either inside one of the hand pockets or attached to the seam inside the body of the item of clothing.

No hologram – it ain’t real!

How long is The North Face clothing guaranteed for?

Usually guaranteed for 2 years depending on excessive wear and tear, they do make fair decisions in our experience, and customers are generally cared for very well in warranty claims.

At e-OUTDOOR we are happy to stock The North Face clothing for those who love to be out in the fresh air, have a look at our range and we will do out best to ensure you have the right clothing with the best fit for your time outdoors whatever you do.

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