Why do walkers get excited about the first signs of Spring?

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There is always ‘that’ day in Spring for me.

There is always that certain day of Spring for me when the season announces that it has truly began. It is not necessarily the 20th of March which is the official calendar beginning of Spring. It is a day that has a certain feel about it because mother nature has decided when the first day of Spring will be. I do not think I can really describe what that feeling is, I just know that Spring has arrived and that finally winter is over.

It is a sunny day and many of the Spring flowers have already come out, the hedgerows are almost a full vibrant green and the first lambs are jumping around.

Spring has been displaying her preliminaries for this day for quite some time. The snowdrops have had their time, daffodils are in their prime and primroses and aconites are joining the display. There is a theme of yellow around masterfully broken up by the white and green of the Hawthorne in the hedgerows. There is a feeling in the air of new life and the promise of great days ahead. Persephone has re-emerged from Hades.

I love the fact that I live in a country of very distinct seasons.

Each season has it’s own character which I do love and enjoy. Autumn is a deep month of reds and browns, Winter (if we are lucky) clothes the land with pure white but more often than not it is a grey that hovers over everything. Summer we always hope blesses us with a shining blue from the sky perhaps broken up by the odd fluffy white cloud. Spring though is multicoloured, vibrant and shining with new life, an emerging kaleidoscope of fresh hope.

It is an exciting season to be out walking and we do not have to go far to discover it’s beauty. I take pleasure in seeing nature emerging in its fanfare of colour in my local fields, hedgerows and woods.

Firstly there are the snowdrops who’s drooping white heads like trumpeters herald the start of the show. They are quickly followed by daffodils and crocuses, a pageant of colour. Before this display has finished it is time to start looking higher at the trees and hedges for the the first of the green buds appearing at the end of thin twigs which will rapidly spread to become curtains and vaulted ceilings of vibrant green.

Against this backdrop of flora the animal world is also starting to wake up.

When out on a walk the other day I saw my first butterflies a Tortoise Shell and a Brimstone, both seemingly making the most of the early spring sunshine. The bees in our garden are already busy the entrance to the hive looking like rush hour at a tube station, and seeing my first Bumble Bee is always heart warming. In the fields the first of the spring lambs are running around looking innocent and fragile. My walks are now accompanied by constant birdsong extending the dawn chorus for a whole day as they start to build their nests.

Energetic activity is all around with the freshness of new life.

By the time ‘that’ Spring day arrives the primroses and aconites are already out in the banks of the woodland, there are only the bluebells still to come bringing a final carpet of vivid blue. Nature has been building up to this special day and it has been an exciting journey of exploration finding the firsts of all these signs she so colourfully provides.

I love ‘that’ day, by the time it comes I have had enough of the grey winter months and I am gagging for the freshness of something new and more colourful. It excites me with the hope of longer warmer days spent outside without having to dress up against the weather, and in my mind I start dreaming about all the new adventures I want to have.

For me ‘that’ day is the real start of a new year, perhaps the Persian calendar has got it right?

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