Pooing rules for hikers and wild campers.

If we are honest I think nearly all of us who like walking long distances or wild camping have been caught out by ‘the call of nature’ at some time. Should you need a pee that is usually quite easily remedied, a discreet tree, bush or wall will normally do. But what if it is the other end?

If we are lucky there will be a local pub near by. Which will probably incur a pint and packet of crisps to justify the use of their toilet – but that is not great hardship especially if it has been a demanding walk. However when we are out in the middle of nowhere it can be quite a different matter. I have only really been caught out in this way once and I quickly learnt my lesson, it was not a pleasant experience. I now always carry some toilet roll and hand cleanser with me on any of my walks in the country.

Of course if you are wild camping it is almost inevitable that attending the toilet will be necessary during your stay in the middle of nowhere.

It is most distasteful when on a walk to come across somebody else’s toilet. Some folk are really incredibly indiscreet, not only is it really unpleasant but it also fouls up the countryside. So what is the code if you should get caught out?

First of all find somewhere that is well off of the beaten track where folk are not likely to come across your remains, and is not near a water source of any kind. If wild camping pick a site well away from your tent. Dig a hole, you can use a stick or your walking pole. It is possible to buy lightweight trowels, but unless you are someone who regularly walks out in the wilds and know such a need will occur not many of us carry such things. The hole aught to be at least six inches deep, but if the ground is too hard or there are lots of roots any hole is better than none. When done bury the remains toilet paper and all and do your best to restore that piece of land to how it was before you used it.

Never bury wet wipes, it takes them a very long time to disintegrate only ever bury plain toilet paper. If you do use wet wipes take a seal-able bag with you to put the soiled ones in and take them home for disposal in the bin (yuk – best use normal toilet roll eh).

While talking about such subjects never leave any litter in the countryside, you brought it take it back with you especially if it is plastic. It is beyond belief that someone would come out into the beauty of the country and then leave a load of rubbish, it seems such an oxymoron to me.

Anyway back to the main subject when nature calls it is not always convenient and we have to do what we have to do. Let us make sure we do this necessary task responsible and consider others and our impact on the land even if the impact is in a small way – so dig that hole!

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