Vango Ultralite Pro 300 3-4 season sleeping bag review

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This is the Ultralite Pro 300 sleeping bag from Vango – a synthetic insulated sleeping bag with a mummy style cut, filled with Vango’s 4T insulation which gives great warmth for its weight and packs down small.

This 3-4 season bag has a 20D nylon polair active outer – a tightly woven fabric which is water resistant and tear resistant.

Vango Ultralight Pro 300 and 200

Rated by Vango to be comfortable from -1c upwards, the 1350 grams are well used on insulation and a few little clever techniques to maximise warmth. The mummy shape as with all mummy bags, cuts excess weight and those extra corners which you’d otherwise have to warm. The trilateral construction means the insulation layer kind of floats so isn’t compressed by stitching.

Thermal-Reverb and thermal embrace systems

The Thermal reverb system is an Aluminised layer, much like a space blanket, which reflects radiated body heat back to the user for maximum warmth. It’s very discrete and you won’t even know it’s their either by sound or touch. Due to the way this layer is integrated into the bag, you don’t have the complete vapour trap which a standard space blanket creates which ultimately leads to unwanted condensation.

The Thermal Embrace System is an elasticated thread which has been sewn into the inner fabric causing the bag to gently close on your body shape to help eliminate cold spots. This does work too, at least physically. The gentle elastic “rings” bunch up the bag inside to help make horizontal chambers of warm air. That way if you move your arms, you don’t get heat escaping from the full length of the bag.

A generous (approx 3 inch), shoulder baffle is your inner heat’s last line of defence. It’s adjustable with a pull cord on the opposite side to the zip. The cord slides freely and equally pulls in the baffle’s front and rear quite easily. The 3d hood is for head and shoulder warmth comes with dual cords for easy adjustment even in the dark. They are colour coded – a black rounded cord adjusts the front, and a tan, flat shoelace cord pulls the hood. They are tied together so you can located them easily but then feel which is which in the dark.

At the foot end you’ll find a Arrow Foot shaped foot box just to allow your feet to relax into a natural position when lying on your back. Not the most important feature but it adds a tiny bit of comfort when you notice the material isn’t stretched over your feet.


Looking at the zips, you’ll see a 3D insulated zip baffle and a Full Length Two-Way Auto-Lock Zip with Zip Guard. The Anti-catch piping helps to prevent the zip from snagging on the lining which is great as zip snags are just the most annoying things when you’re trying to get tucked in for the night, or get out for a pee! Surprisingly, the zip design works flawlessly. I was stunned and excited at the same time… (tiny things…). I only wish (as with all bags), that the zip extended to the very end of the bag, or even around the bottom of the footbox. I often regulate by temperate by letting my feet out but the zips never quite go down far enough. Also, being able to open the bag like a quilt would encourage me to use it all year around too.

The suggested temperature range for the Vango Ultralite Pro 300 as given by vango is -1°C to 15°C with a -1c comfort temperature, a -6c low temperature and a -24c extreme temperature at which you might survive if you’re lucky. As always, the temperature ratings are just there for a rough idea, it doesn’t reflect the actual performance of the bag with your unique body in it. Use the numbers as a guide but test and test again with your gear. I found it pretty warm in the low C temperatures and would happily use it with a bivvy bag in late autumn and early spring with a touch of winter. On the bag, it actually reads “Suggested usage -6 to +15”.

This is advertised as a 3-4 Season bag, which personally I would use all year around in the UK in warmer temperatures too as I sleep cold and conditions change a lot here. Clearly this isn’t a superlight down sleeping bag as it weights in at 1350g. You could have this as the winter bag and swap it out in summer though.

The bag measures 205 cm long for people up to 190 cm tall and is 78 cm wide at the shoulders. The compressed pack size is 27 cm by 24 cm. 


Vango Ultralite Pro 300 sleeping bag definitely benefits from it’s extra features and feels accurate to it’s given temperature ratings. The weight is an issue, but the comfort and safety it provides are worth it. The pack size is pretty good for synthetic and at least you have the piece of mind that it will stay warm if accidentally wet especially due to the “space blanket” layer inside.

In all, a decent effort by Vango with this 3-4 season bag which is hard to beat on warmth and pack size and price for a synthetic bag.

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