Rab Men’s Nucleus Pull-on Review

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Rab’s Nucleus Pull-on is designed as a lightweight mid-layer fleece which works best for walkers and climbers when worn in colder weather. It can also be worn as a warm base layer next to the skin in really cold weather, or as an outer layer in milder weather.

The thermic fleece has a grid-ed lining that has two purposes, firstly to trap warm air from your body and secondly to aid breathabity. The fabric is 94% polyester and 6% spandex, it dries quicker and is flexible enough to avoid any restriction of movement. The Flatlock low bulk seams will prevent any chaffing when the Nucleus Pull-on is worn as a mid-layer. Polygiene Stay Fresh Odour Control treatment fights bacteria that causes body smells, so the Nucleus Pull-on requires less washing (do not use normal washing detergents). The deep chest front zip can close the high necked collar to keep your neck ‘scarf’ warm.

Wearing the Nucleus Pull-on

The Nucleus I wore was a medium size underneath I was wearing a base-layer, the hard shell that I wore was a large size. I have a 41″ chest and my height is about 5’10”.

I have worn the Nucleus of several of my walks as a base, mid and external layer. Although Rab say that it can be worn as a base layer in really cold weather, I did not find it particularly comfortable the inner lining was a bit irritating. As an outer layer it worked well to take the chill off of a day but it is not wind resistant at all, the wind blew straight through it! I found it worked best as a mid layer on a cold but not freezing day walking at a regular pace.

When walking uphill I worked up a sweat (which is unavoidable!) especially my back getting quite warm. As the path levelled out and my pace was less strenuous the breathability of the Nucleus worked well and I soon felt comfortable again.

The Nucleus was a close but not tight fit and fully flexible. As a mid-layer under a large jacket it was very comfortable and flat lock seems worked well. I think I would have liked it if the Nucleus was just a little longer so that it did not slip up when bending over. The front zip and high neck worked well to help control and regulate a more comfortable body climate.

I did not use the chest pocket because the chest strap of my backpack crossed it and that was not comfortable at all, I am not always convinced about the usefulness of chest pockets especially when backpacking.


I would recommend the Nucleus as a mid-layer for walking in temperatures around zero degrees or as an outer layer on chilly, still days. A useful layer for climbing on ‘colder’ days.

For a full list of the Nucleus Pull-on details go to Rab Men’s Necleus Pull-on.

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