What’s the difference between the Arc’teryx Cerium SL and LT?

Here are two Arc’teryx jackets that are almost identical. The Cerium SuperLight and the Cerium Lightweight. Can you spot the difference? Sometimes it’s a real hard task working out which jacket is going to give you more punch for your pound when the differences are super subtle.

The Facts

It can be a challenging brain game trying to work out what all of the Arc’teryx lingo translates to so if you want to know click to read our “Arc’teryx FL/LT/SL and AR/MX/SV – The Lingo Explained” blog and with the Cerium SL setting you back between £200-£220 and the Cerium LT ranging between £255-£275 you certainly want to make sure you are getting the right bang for your buck! To help you out with the Arc’teryx Cerium SL and LT we’ve put everything into a table so you can compare the subtle differences between the Men’s and Women’s jackets. Hope you find what you’re looking for.

 SL (Mens)SL (Womens)LT (Mens)LT (Womens)
Weight 215 g / 7.6 oz205 g / 7.2 oz305 g / 10.8 oz280 g / 9.9 oz
Fill Power850850850Premium 850
ActivityAll RoundAll RoundAll RoundAll Round
ConstructionCoreloft™ 100 (100 g/m² )Coreloft™ 80 (80 g/m²)Coreloft™ 80 (80 g/m²)Coreloft™ 80 (80 g/m²)
MaterialArato ™ 7 - 100% nylonArato ™ 7 - 100% nylonArato™ 10 - 100% nylonSuper lightweight Arato™ 7 face fabric with DWR finish repels moisture
WaterproofDWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish repels moistureDWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish repels moistureDWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish repels moistureDWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish repels moisture
Windproof / BreathableWind Resistant, BreathableWind Resistant, BreathableWind Resistant, BreathableWind Resistant, Breathable
LayeringMidlayer, Insualtion, ShellMidlayer, Insualtion, ShellMidlayer, Insualtion, Shell, BelayMidlayer, Insualtion, Shell, Belay
CareMachine wash in warm water (30°C)Machine wash in warm water (30°C)Machine wash in warm water (30°C) on gentle wash cycleMachine wash in warm water (30°C) on gentle wash cycle

The Function

So what are the Cerium jackets actually good for? Arc’teryx do a gret job at giving us table s which help to determine the best function of the jacket.

The Cerium SL performs best when worn as a Mid Layer & Fleece especially when tucked under a waterproof outer shell giving ample insulation and protection against the cold. When worn as the outer layer it’s an ok shell jacket providing reasonable protection against the wind and light showers however if it starts to rain cats and dogs or blow a gale you may want to crack out the severe weather gear. As an outer layer insulator you aren’t going to get much protection if it’s the only thing you’re wearing above your technical T.

This Down jacket is great for warmer, drier days where you need a lightweight, easily packable jacket just to take the edge away when the temperature dips for a while. If you’re planning on walking some hills or a mountain then this is a layer you need to have in your pack to pop on when you’re higher up and need some quick protection against the open elements. 

The Cerium LT performs best when worn as a Mid Layer & Fleece  under a waterproof shell or as an Insulating Outer Layer. It also gives good performance as an outer shell or insulated shell and can stand up to a little more of a beating than the SL. It has thicker insulation and larger baffles meaning air can be trapped with ease giving you a snug feeling when enjoying your chosen outdoor activity.

If you are into climbing and scrambling this jacket works well as a basic belay jacket too giving warmth and protection whilst you’re standing by or on the crags. It is a jacket for the action packed outdoor activity lover who desires protection and comfort all day long. It works well as an out or mid layer giving a super warmth to weight ratio. They also pack down small too, with the SL being slightly smaller than the  Cerium LT but in comparison to a litre Nalgene bottle here’s the pack down size:

The Fit

The Cerium is designed with a “Trim” fit which effectively means they have a close fit, designed to keep unnecessary bulk to a minimum while offering a good range of motion. They are great for use with a harness and helmet die to the articulation these down jackets give the wearer.

So what does this mean in reality? The Cerium range jackets are fairly narrow especially around the shoulders and waist but still has ample room underneath for carefully planned layering. The anatomical design means that you have complete freedom in all motion and movement. The women’s jacket has a slighter fit around the waist and rises higher around the bum than the men’s – so if you’re female but not too bothered on cut and colour and prefer a jacket with a little more relaxed fit then grab a men’s over a women’s.

Performance Ratings – as voted for by me!

 Cerium SLCerium LT
Overall Fit:★★★★✩★★★✩✩

So the Cerium LT packs in a little more insulation and weather protection but then you pay for it too. If you want a jacket that protects and gives all the articulation you need then the SL is very good value for money and does exactly what we need –  keeps you warm and dry when out carrying out the daily activity.

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