10 Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Let’s face it shopping for any Gift can be STRESSFUL to say the least! When it comes to birthday and Christmas shopping one in four men do it in under an hour, mostly online, whereas most women love trawling round the shops for hours dragging their partner along to carry the bags… and still end up back in the first shop they entered to get the gift they saw first. When it comes to outdoor gifts its not all Barbour and Hunter there are other things too:

Take some of the stress away and save tons of time this year by getting that Outdoor Enthusiast one of these great gifts specially chosen and tried and tested by the team here at e-Outdoor. Make sure you click on the images to find out what they are and how much they cost:

  1. Reliable Multi-Tool – Pocket knives and Multi-Tools are great gadgets for outdoor lovers as they have many uses, not to mention a bottle opener and sometimes even a corkscrew for that end of day beverage!
  2. Warm Down Jacket – having a snug, insulated jacket for boxing day and new year walks makes all the difference when it’s a chilly winter day. Down Jackets make great main gifts especially popular The North Face down feather and synthetic jackets..
  3. Reusable Cooking and Eating Gear– The Light My Fire MealKit 2.0 gives ideal food storage for your backpack, boat, bike or picnic basket. It comes in funky colours and can be reused time and time again. A novelty gift for a funky outdoor being.
  4. Easy cook Food! Who doesn’t love a good meal on the hillside? Why not make a food hamper filled with boil in the bag meals, goodies and snacks ready for that next adventure. Grab some mint cake, trail mix and fill a food container with scummy goodness. Wrap it up and hey-ho you have an outdoor hamper.
  5. Water Bottle or Flask – technical outdoor people love technical outdoor gear that looks swanky and performs to the max. Water bottles that are sustainable and can be re-used are a great eco-friendly gift some even come with integrated water filters. If they love hot drinks why not try a trendy flask to keep that drink warm all walk long.
  6. Headtorch – Ok so head torches don’t seem that special but let me reassure you that if you get a RGB+ headtorch for that outdoor lover then they will thank you forever! A torch that shines Red, Green, Blue and White can be useful for those who enjoy navigating at night as it takes the glare away. Take a lookat the Petzl range!
  7. Ultimate Survival Gear – gadgets from UST make great stocking fillers or little extras and provide useful safety items for any outdoor enthusiast. A compass, Safety blanket and survival tool with whistle are a must for the outdoor pack.
  8. Gear Protection and Waterproof Bags – you will get thanks and hugs galore when you help to keep gear secure. Those of the older generation probably love their old faithful camera or phone so wouldn’t want it to get ruined… pack it in a waterproof sealed Aquapac bag!
  9. (Goal Zero) Gadget Recharging Items – If you’re buying for the youth of today then something that recharges electrical items is a must! Solar recharging panels are great for the on-the-go activity enthusiast. The Goal Zero Solar Recharging units make a great novelty gift.
  10. Companion Dog Accessories – If your outdoor person has a pooch they are more than likely to think the world of it. Make their year by kitting out that doggy in some Barbour Dog Wear or get some lovely accessories for the post walk snooze – it may even match the owners Barbour Gear too!

Time to make a decision…. any of the gifts above will be a HUGE hit with the lover of the outdoors. Why not make it super special and wrap it in brown paper or newspaper packaging and add a touch of nature to the tag – it will certainly be a huge hit!

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