Petzl Head Torches Comparison

I’ll never be without a trusty headtorch.

I’m not afraid of the dark, or worried about getting caught out in the dark as the nights draw in. You just never know what you might come across on walks – an old ruin, a cave, some mine works, or something unexpected and in need of an explore.

head torch and compass

A few months ago on a walk in the Peaks, I came across an old mine tunnel. I cannot resist the lure of a dark hole in the land. Where does it go? Is there anything interesting inside? Unfortunately on this occasion I had forgotten my head torch so I had to use my phone for light. I didn’t have much confidence in my phone (and also did not want to use up the battery) so my exploration was cut short. It was a bit frustrating. I left quickly, kicking myself for forgetting my torch and thinking I will return one day and explore the tunnel properly.

Now I make sure that on any walk I always take a torch and a compass (I have come unstuck with that one as well!).

My personal head torch is a Petzl Tikka. It is not the latest model and I have had it a couple of years. I have found it very useful for close proximity lighting when on walks and camping. I like it because it is not heavy, sits comfortably on my head and is easy to use.

There are three modes of lighting but to be honest, I only ever use the brightest option. There is only one button to switch it on and off and control the light modes and the light can be tilted for the best angle when in use. The Petzl Tikka is not waterproof but it is water resistant and I have used it in some pretty wet conditions without issue.

The effective light range of the Tikka is quite short so on walks it only really lights up the immediate path in front. I have resorted to carrying a torch as well when it is really dark and I need to see longer distances, so the Tikka does have its limits in certain situations. The Tikka works well when camping both to light up the tent (check out Petzl Noctilight) and for seeing what I am doing when cooking or putting my tent up in the dark. The great advantage of wearing a head torch is having both hands free to do anything practical – like cooking!

Who are Petzl?

Petzl Noctilight Lantern Carry Case

Fernand Petzl, a committed cave explorer, founded the company in 1975. Based in Crolles France, they have been one of the leading companies in developing equipment for caving, which includes head lamps and torches. Head torches have become one of their specialities developing a range suitable for most outdoor activities.

At e-OUTDOOR we stock three Petzl head torches which are excellent for walkers, campers and those who like bushcraft.

Petzl at e-OUTDOOR

The three Petzl head torches that we stock at e-outdoor are the Tikkina, Tikka and the Tactikka +RGB.

Petzl head torches

Petzl Tikkina


The Tikkina has a wide beam and is ideal for proximity lighting when walking or camping. It has three lighting modes the furthest reaching a distance of about 100m lasting for up to 60 hours. The maximum brightness of the tikkima is 150 lumens, it is light only weighing 85g with an adjustable elastic head band.

It is powered by three AAA batteries, but the Tikka like all three of the Petzl headtorches in this blog can also be powered by a core rechargeable battery, this is the hybrid concept.

 LumensDistance mTime h
Max Autonomy510220
Max Power1505560


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Petzl Tikka


The brightness of the Tikka is 200 lumens so it is brighter than the Tikkina. The Tikka weighs the same as the Tikkina and has an adjustable elastic head band too. Unlike the Tikkina, the Tikka has a red light used to prevent members of a group from blinding each other. This red light also has a strobe setting – a great aid in emergency situations. It also has a phosphorescent reflector so that the Tikka can be found in the dark.

The Tikka white light has a wide beam with three light modes ideal for walking and camping.

 LumensDistance mTime h
Max Automomy510240
Max Power2006060

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Tactikka + RGB


The Tactikka +RGB is part of the Petzl specialised range. It is the brightest of our three Petzl head torches at 250 lumens. The Tactikka is great for walking, camping, cycling, caving and orienteering. It is also designed for hunting and fishing where you’ll need stealth. As well as a white light, the Tactikka +RGB has three other colours: red, green and blue. Red is to keep your night vision and stealth, green is for better vision through foliage and stealth around wildlife since it can’t been seen from the side, and blue is for general stealth with map reading. The light modes give a close proximity light or focused distant light when on the move.

All three head torches are water resistant but are not 100% waterproof.

 LumensDistance mTime h
Max Autonomy510260
Max Power2507050

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Technical Details

 TikkinaTikkaTactikka + RGB
Light output/Lumens150200250
Beam PatternWideWideMixed
Energy3xAAA /LR03 batteries
or Core rechargeable
3xAAA /LR03 batteries
or Core rechargeable
3xAAA /LR03 batteries
or Core rechargeable
Battery CompatabilityRechargeable Ni-MHRechargeable Ni-MH
WatertightnessIP X4IP X4IP X4
 Tikka (red)Tactikka (red/green/blue)
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