Backpacking hygiene – Lifeventure Towel and Soap review

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It is great to be able to have a shower after a hard days walk

Backpacking can be a pretty smelly business, spending all day tramping around with a weight on your back will open up those sweat pores and let the moisture flow. Whether it is travelling around the world or trekking across the land backpacking is hot work, especially if the weather is bright and sunny.

When I am walking one of the National trials I do not always stay at camp sites, often because there simply is not one near at the end of my days walk. When I can I do like to stay at a registered campsite, there is no problem in having sufficient water for cooking etc, they have proper loos (always better than digging a hole) and on most of them there is a shower.

It is not just a matter of getting clean so that I do not smell (although that is important), it is getting all that grime off of my face and washing away that tacky skin feeling from my body which is the result of a hard days walk. There is nothing more refreshing and restoring than a good shower at the end of the day (ok and a pint). I feel so much better sitting in my tent cooking my meal after being released from the soil of the days exertions.

I carry with me a small Lifeventure towel, I think it might be a little too small because although it does a great job of taking away the water from my skin, I still feel damp when putting my clothes on, which is not really a problem on a warm day. The towel is very water absorbent so I think the problem is the size of the towel not the material, I keep thinking about getting a larger one but have not done it so far ( maybe I need to simply get on with it!).

The thing is I like my towel, it is small when packed, easily fits into any gap in my backpack, it weighs virtually nothing and it works. When I have had my shower I simply lay the towel over a guy rope of my tent, and by the morning it is dry ready to be packed away for the next days hike.

You may consider taking a towel backpacking a luxury, but for me being able to shower (or go for a swim) and dry off simply adds to the enjoyment of the journey, and helps me face the next day.

If you want to be really clean and smell nice Lifeventure also do an all purpose soap, the bottle contains 100ml (useful if you are flying) and weighs 130g. The soap can be used to wash both your skin and hair and clothing – so why bother getting undressed!

Lifeventure towels and soap

Detail Information

Lifeventure Advance Trek towel

DetailPocket Trek TowelLarge Trek Towel
SoftFibre Advance - extra soft feel fabricyesyes
Ultra Compact, Highly Absobentyesyes
Treated with Polygiene - odour controlyesyes
Dries 8x faster than standard beach Towelyesyes
Absorbs 9x own weight in wateryesyes
Ripstop Carry Caseyesyes
Pack size cm11x11x210x15x6
weight g40160
Towel size cm37x37110x65
Price e-outdoor 39.9916.99

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Lifeventure All Purpose Soap

  • Concentrated antibacterial formula
  • Will lather in fresh or brackish water
  • Ideal for hair, body or washing up
  • Biodegradable and pH balanced

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