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Nothing is as unpredictable as the British weather, it is not unusual for a fine summer’s day to turn chilly or damp or – into a heat wave. Looking out of the window in the morning trying to decide what to wear for a days walk can be a dilemma, none of us want to carrying a great assortment of outdoor clothing just incase, groaning under a heavy backpack of kit you never needed. So we make our best ‘informed’ decision about what to wear or carry and set out for a days adventure.

Walking light is one of the pleasures of summer that I enjoy, the sense of minimalism brings a great sense of freedom and the warmth of the sun on my skin has that ‘feel good’ feeling. Of course most of us have a reasonable idea of what the weather is going to be before we set of on a walk, the weather forecast usually points us roughly in the right direction (no sniggers now).

This summer I have been wearing three of Jack Wolfskins products for different walks, which have helped me enjoy being outdoors, making the most of the warmer weather.

Jack Wolfskin Emerald Jacket

For me Jack Wolfskins Emerald Jacket has been very useful, it is lightweight and easy to slip into a backpack, windproof and water resistant with a soft breathable lining, at times it has been ‘just the job’, taking the edge off of some of my summer walks when they have turned a bit chilly, cool or damp.

The emeralds breathability has certainly been an asset, when the climate has been warm and damp or windy. Walking in humid weather is one of the easiest ways to work up a sweat, sometimes I would rather get wet from the damp atmosphere than from wearing a waterproof or water resistant jacket. Wearing a jacket that is able to help wick away moisture has been appreciated. .

I found the jacket to be a fairly close fit and reasonably flexible, I did not feel restricted in my movements by it, it was comfortable to wear. The two hand pockets are not big enough for maps but comfortably hand size. There are inner and outer chest pockets suitable for smallĀ  items, I did not use them for any electrical items (phone, GPS) because it felt a bit bulky and tight across my chest. The collar and the hem are adjustable to keep the wind out and the cuffs are standard hook and loop.

I like the look of the Emerald jacket, I think it is a good cut and am quite happy to wear it as a general wear jacket, not just for walks.

Jack Wolfskin Hoggar Shorts

One of the great pleasures of warmer sunny days is wearing shorts, to feel the sun and a gentle breeze brings a greater connectedness to mother nature – well it does for me. I have worn these shorts for all my summer walks this year, even when the weather has been not so sunny. They are a slim fit which if I was a bit larger around the upper leg would make them tight, not that they have felt restrictive for me but they are not baggy in any way, I liked the length, long enough to be decent! but short enough to help stay cool.

What I really like about them is their high wicking ability, not to be too graphic about it, but it can get a bit sweaty on hot days in the ‘shorts’ area, so shorts that have good moisture control are very much appreciated. The fabric is a robust Cordura nylon with a UPF of 40+, the fabric is comfortable, I am not really sure what effect the UPF value has had to be honest!

The Hoggars have five pockets two at the front, two at the rear, and a side pocket in the right leg. The side pocket I have found really useful for stashing my O/S map in, it is just the right size and makes the map easily accessible. I have also often kept my mobile in it as well for the same reasons. The waist is elasticated with an integrated belt, not much to say about that.

I have enjoyed wearing my Hoggars this summer, apart from the nettle stings.

Jack Wolfskin Seven Seas 2 Sandals

Although the Seven Seas sandal is suitable for off-track multi-terrain walking I must admit I have only worn them for shorter walks. They took a little time to break in, mainly around the ankles, I found the secret was not to do them up too tight. Since then they have been very comfortable and easy to walk in. The Velcro fastenings are quick and easy to use and the straps are pliable enough to not chaff my feet, also I have not had that sticky, sweaty feeling on the soles of my feet either.

I am not a hard core sandal wearer, through nettles etc, but I have enjoyed the freedom these sandals have given me on hot days from damp sweaty boots on shorter less demanding walks.

Technical Review

Emerald JacketHogger shortsSeven Seas sandal
Stormlock Softshell JerseyCondura FabricUpper material: Textile
Overlay tapeUPF 40+Lining: Textile
Adjustable CollarHigh WickingInsole: Plastic
Adjustable HemElasticated waistSole: Synthetic
Hiking softshellIntergrated beltCold padding
Windproof5 pockets, 2 rear, 2 front 1 legShoe tip open
Water-resistantweight 225gHeel type flat
Very breathableVelcro fastening
Soft textureOutsole: Non-slip, flexible, profiled
Shell 100% Polyester
Lining 100% Polyster
Weight 640g

Available from e-outdoor

Emerald jacket

Hoggar shorts

Seven Seas 2 Sandal


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