Are closed toe sandals better for your feet? KEEN Clearwater CNX Sandal Review

Sandals are for everything!

There are plenty of awesome reasons why people choose to wear sandals over walking boots and shoes when partaking in outdoor activity. Many backpackers take them to wear when in camp, because they are easy to wear on their feet. Allowing them to recuperate after a days walking. You can walk miles in sandals as your feet stay cool and refreshed and they are also ideal for water and paddlesports! We often take a good pair of sandals on our summer holidays – just check out all those holiday snaps and see how many people are in sandals!  Are you trying to decide  between Open or Closed Toe Sandals here are some colourful little beauties we have picked out that are packed with great features that help protect and support your foot all day long.

Who are KEEN?

KEEN tell us “Create, Play, Care. It’s a way of life, we call it HybridLife. We all live many lives splitting our time between work, play and giving back. At KEEN we call this living a HybridLife. HybridLife is the KEEN mantra, our commitment to create solutions in our product and business practices, to design footwear, bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace without a ceiling; and our promise to care for each other and the world around us. We invite you to join us in tossing on a pair of KEEN shoes, socks or a bag and to diving head first into living a HybridLife.”

KEEN has a range of footwear options to suit a variety of purposes, whether you’re after Keen shoes for rugged terrain or women’s or men’s Keen sandals to stay comfortable during the summer months – they have footwear to meet your need! Click here to see the KEEN range here at e-OUTDOOR.

Keen Clearwater CNX Sandal

KEEN are Available for both men and women the Keen Clearwater CNX Sandal have a contoured arch and metatarsal ridge which you can really feel giving underfoot comfort and the rubber sole with razor siping gives adequate traction on slippery surfaces – I certainly found both coming into their own when out walking at Geddington Ford with my dog and he decided to dive straight into the stream and get stuck meaning I had to wade in after! They are waterproof, which you might think odd for a sandal as it has many holes! However this means that the material does not soak up any moisture and therefore that material stays dry reducing chaffing and rubbing on your feet as you carry on with your walk.

These sandals have a super easy to use elasticated drawstring closure which means you can quickly put them on and take them off adjusting them to your feet as you see fit which for me is essential as I rarely have time to spend or patience to faff with straps or laces. They come with a mesh lining which makes them great for water and paddle sport use and with a raised bumper closed to you can be certain that your toes wont get stubbed or scraped as you enjoy your outdoor adventure to the max. I found the toe protection particularly useful when in my Kayak on the River Nene as I am prone to capsizing and you never quite know what is underfoot in that river – maybe a trolley, maybe glass or large rocks – who knows!

These sandals felt secure around my foot and gave a great cushioning and proved a more versatile sandal for outdoor activity than say a more fashionable type sandal with less features. So they may not look the most attractive with all of the extra stitching and padding but they are a super pair of durable, stable spring/summer sandals. Still not convinced? Why not take a look at our Are sandals worth it? Blog post for more inspiration with walking in sandals. So I would say that closed toe sandals are better for your feet as they give more protection for the off the trail adventures!

Performance Ratings – as voted for by me!

Features: ★★★★★

Durability: ★★★★★

Functionality: ★★✩✩✩

Ventilation: ★★★✩✩

Overall Fit: ★★★✩✩

Stability: ★★★★✩

Value: ★★★✩✩

The Clearwater CNX is a bulky, supportive closed toe sandal that can withstand most bumps and scrapes. They are practical and functional and have done a great job at protecting my toes for the past year as I have wandered off the beaten track!

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Keen Clearwater CNX Sandal
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