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Small additions to your kit that could make the world of difference

Here are four items from Ultimate Survival Technologies, that could be vital to the outdoor person should they get into trouble. They are all under £10, ideal as stocking fillers for the outdoor enthusiast who love s gifts that matter.

Ultimate Survival Technologies Christmas

Watertight Nylon Dry Bag 5L

Keeping items dry when out on the trail is always an issue. This PVC coated polyester 5L dry bag, is designed to fit neatly into your backpack, keeping items dry and together.

Orange JetScream Whistle

The Jetscream Whistle is a small item that will take almost no room in your backpack. Hopefully it will never get used, but if you  are out in the wild and something goes seriously wrong it could save your life. A powerful whistle that can be heard over a great distance.

Sparkie FireStarter

If you need to start a fire in wet or windy conditions when out on the trail, the Sparkie FireStarter will do it. This pocket sized fire-starter will generate a spark that will ignite any dry tinder to get a fire going whether wild camping or walking.

Survival Reflect Poncho

An emergency poncho that reflects back body heat to keep you warm whilst acting as an effective barrier to the wind and rain. It can also be used as a highly visible signaling device.

Technical info

Watertight Nylon Dry Bag 5L

  • Easy-to-use, quick-release buckle for one-handed opening
  • Rounded base fits more gear
  • D-ring for securing the bag
  • Weight: 2.6 oz. (73g)
  • Size Flat: HxW Flat: 14” x 11” (356 x 279 mm)

Orange JetScream Whistle

  • All-weather use
  • Compact, lightweight and flat
  • Attaches to packs, PFDs, keychains, and more
  • Durable, ABS-plastic is both waterproof and buoyant

Sparkie FireStarter

  • Designed for precision – sparks can be directionally targeted
  • Ultra-lightweight, durable plastic stands up to rugged use
  • Flint rod collapses into the Sparkie plastic case for compact storage
  • Generates sparks three times hotter than a normal match

Survival Reflect Poncho

  • Can be seen easily from a distance
  • Useful for heat deflections
  • Body heat insulation
  • A wind and rain barrier
  • An emergency signaling device
  • Keeps wearer safe from rain and other elements
  • Lightweight
  • Robust
  • Packable to keep one in your bag when hiking, trekking or any outdoor activities.

Buy from e-outdoor

Watertight Nylon Dry Bag 5L £6.95

Orange JetScream Whistle £7.16

Sparkie FireStarter £8.95

Survival Reflect Poncho £4.00

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