Are shirts a good hiking alternative to T-shirts?

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It seems to me that most men wear tee shirts when out walking, unless they are over a certain age.

I think though that there may be certain advantages to wearing a shirt, apart from hiding the signs of aging.

If the weather is sunny and hot there are a few features on shirts that can be more helpful to the wearer than a regular tee shirt. Firstly shirts have a collar that can be turned up to provide extra protection to your neck from the sun. Having the sun beating down constantly for a period of time is a common source of sunburn, this on the back of your neck can make you feel seriously ill. Secondly they have buttons down the front which can be undone to provide extra ventilation, this can obviously be regulated according to how many buttons you undo.

The down side is that most shirts are made from cotton, which is not a good material if you are sweating relatively heavily. Cotton soaks up moisture and is not generally very fast drying.

There are shirts that are manufactured for walking that are a cotton/polyester mix to enhance their wicking ability, to help the walker stay dry.

Here are three examples that we sell at e-outdoor.

1.Berghaus Explorer 2.0 SS Shirt

Berghaus mens explorer shirt

The Explorer 2.0 Short Sleeve Shirt is manufactured from berghaus COLOURKIND eco fabric. Colourkind is a woven fabric that has fewer dying stages, thus having less impact upon the environment. It uses 89% less water and 63% less chemicals, resulting in a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared with regular fabrics.

This environmentally friendly shirt has enhanced UV protection to help protect you from harmful rays, and odour-resistant qualities to prevent any bad smells on the trail on a hot day.

A lightweight shirt (220g), designed to help you stay cool and fresh in an environmentally friendly way.


2.Rab Drifter Short Sleeve Shirt

Rab Drifter SS Shirt

The Drifter Short Sleeve Shirt is a plain weave plaid shirt, manufactured from a cotton/polyester fabric. The cotton/polyester fabric (62% cotton. 38% polyester) gives the shirt a wicking ability to help you stay dry.

A separate stand collar gives added protection to the back of your neck from the suns rays.

Only weighing 169g the drifter is designed to keep you dry and protected in hot sunny weather.

3.Craghoppers Avery Short Sleeved Check Shirt

Craghoppers Avery SS Check Shirt

The fabric of the Craghoppers Avery SS Shirt is a mixture of cotton/polyester (92% cotton/8% polyester). The cut is designed to provide maximum ventilation for the wearer.

The single chest pocket contains a hidden zip pocket to keep valuables safe and secure.

This is the lightest of the three shirts reviewed, weighing 155g.


The three shirts reviewed each have their own distinctive features. The Explorer is eco friendly with UV protection and odour control, the Drifter has enhanced wicking ability and a free standing collar and the Avery’s cut provides better ventilation it also has a security pocket.

They are all suitable for backpacking in sunny weather. The choice between them is which features best meet your need?

1.Berghaus Explorer 2.0 SS Shirt

  • KINDER TO THE ENVIRONMENT-Colourkind eco fabric uses 89% less water and 63% fewer chemicals in its production
  • ODOUR-RESISTANT- Argentium technology has odour-resistant properties to keep you feeling fresh
  • SUN PROTECTION – Built-in UPF protection defends your skin against harmful UV rays
  • Fabric: Colour Kind (220g/m²)
  • Built-in UPF protection
  • Bluesign approved
  • Weight:220g
  • Price £32.95

2.Rab Drifter Short Sleeve Shirt

  • Cotton-Polyester with wicking finish.
  • Collar with separate stand.
  • Chest pocket.
  • Rad branded buttons.
  • Escape range ID label.
  • Contrast stitching.
  • Fit: Regular.
  • weight 169g
  • Price £33.74

3.Craghoppers Avery Short Sleeved Check Shirt

  • Drying loops
  • 2 pockets
  • 1 hidden zipped security pocket
  • 92% cotton, 8% polyester
  • Weight: 155g
  • Polyester cotton seersucker check
  • 31″ length
  • Price £25.45

You can buy from e-outdoor

Berghaus Explorer 2.0 SS Shirt

Rab Drifter Short Sleeve Shirt

Craghoppers Avery Short Sleeved Check Shirt

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