Is the Lowe Alpine Airzone Pro+ 35:45 the rucksack size for you?

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Getting the right rucksack size if a tricky business until you know your gear. The 35-45 Ltrs of the Airzone Pro+ is in that middle ground for me between good daysack and hiking so I’m never sure if I’d want more space or less. A day sack for me will contain some waterproofs, food and space for a fleece top. Whereas a hike will have that plus probably a hammock for chilling, Jetboil, coffee kit and more.

The great thing about the Lowe Alpine Airzone Pro+35:45 (which is a huge mouthful), is that it’s sleek for it’s size and compresses down naturally and with the assistance of strapping to something resembling a 30ltr pack but then fills out to a large 45ltr.

The top lid of the bag features a fully adjustable strap hinge for when your bag is fully loaded and/or has a roll mat stuffed under it. It has both external and internal zip pockets to dedicated compartments. The underside of the lid has emergency SOS information and phone numbers, and the inner pouch is for your emergency kit and gadgets, which is a nice touch.

On the outside there are two stretch pockets with easy access. On the left side of the bag there are two clipped side straps, allowing the attaching of a roll mat or tent. On the right side are the usual compression straps and additional walking pole clips.

On the back face to the left is a vertical zip giving access to a large dedicated pocket with bright orange lining. Right alongside this zip is another zip, this time storm proof, which gives access to the main compartment with internal zipped mesh pocket and key clip.

The inside of the main bag is bright orange so you can find what you are looking for, and lower down is a elasticated water pouch pocket. There is a feed hole in the top of the bag for the drinking tube.

The main feature of the Airzone Pro+ is another mouthful – the “AirZone Centro adjustable back length and AdaptiveFit™ hipbelt & harness”. This allows for a great pack fit as the upper portion of the pack can be moved up and down as required. A properly fitted rucksack makes all the difference. With a proper fit, the rucksack hugs against you and has a very comfortable hipbelt which takes a load well (and features the most useful zipped hip pockets). The actual “airzone” of the Airzone is produced by having a slightly curved pack frame and a taught inner mesh which goes against your back. With a full pack, you will always have some clearance between you and the bag… “Airzone”!

The main appeal of this bag is that it looks small under normal use but is capable of being loaded up and clipped on to without things getting silly. The pockets are ample and aren’t oversized so you don’t have a problem trying to find things. The inner orange colouring is practical. The included raincover is a real bonus and comes in Stop-Sign red which is to be appreciated when walking in groups (although wouldn’t have matching orange made more sense?).

The Airzone Pro+ 35:45 weighs in at 1.57kg which is pretty good especially considering how comfortable and padded the straps are and that it contains the Airzone frame. It is a hiking pack rather than a backpacking (camping) bag so you will be travelling fairly light but in a lot of comfort!

I do think something about the pack doesn’t make it look that great. It sort of looks plasticy and like a school bag but everything about the design and construction thankfully appears to suggest the opposite. It certainly is reliable and well made.

Airzone Pro+ 35:45 kit list

If you own this bag it will likely become your one and only bag to use for a range or activities unless doing multi-day hikes with camping. As you can see, you can get loads in it and here I haven’t even used the outside pockets, strapping or side mat attachment straps.

Buy the Lowe Alpine Mens Airzone Pro+ 35:45 Rucksack / Black / 35+10 Ltr from e-OUTDOOR.

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