What is a PSI rating?

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Waterproof jackets are essential for any hiking or camping trip. It doesn’t matter if you are involved in a backpacking adventure across a completely new country or just taking the dog for a walk around the local area, they will keep you dry!

Obviously, the main role of an item of clothing that is classed as waterproof is the garment’s ability to resist water and moisture. The capability to repel water is tested out in lab conditions and is measured by pounds per square inch (or PSI) in UK regulations.

The PSI conveys the amount of water pressure that a piece of clothing can endure from the pressure of the wearer to the external conditions of the weather. For a jacket to be classed as 100% waterproof, the British Standard of 3 PSI must be applicable, meaning it can survive 1500mm of water pressure.

Of course, pressure is not as clear-cut as the individual rainstorm, as by moving the jacket you are applying pressure to the fabric. Normal activities such as kneeling and walking will generate a massive 8000m of pressure, so it is always recommended to go for a higher PSI rating if you are solely basing your decision of jacket on this.

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