IMG_20160721_103735257 26/07/2016
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Why wear Smartwool socks ?

About socks The value of wearing socks has been recognised from earliest times, the first known socks were made from animal skins and the ancient Greeks wore socks made from matted animal hairs in the 8th century BC. They can be an item of fashion, by the year 1000 AD they were a symbol of wealth among the nobility. They were worn by comic actors in roman times and were called ‘soccus’ from which the old English word ‘socc’ comes from and that’s how we get the name sock. In... Read More

Backpack 22/07/2016
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Why use a Geigerrig pressurised hydration pack

I don’t drink very much when I am walking, I know this is bad especially when it is hot, the possibility of dehydration could be a real problem. One of the reasons is that my drink bottle is in the side pouch of my rucksack and I can’t be bothered to stop and take my rucksack off to get to my bottle. The obvious solution then is a hydration pack. There are a few manufacturers that supply them: Camelbak maybe the best known, Osprey do one in a very good backpack,... Read More

Way markers 21/07/2016

Millennium way completed.

Finishing at Pershore I finished the Millennium way on Saturday at Pershore, (see my previous blog Walking the Millennium way central England.) Pershore is an excellent place to finish the walk in my opinion, the last mile of the path is beside the river Avon bringing a tranquility to the completion of the walk as the water glides along beside you. The walk ends at a car park next door to the old stone bridge over the river. This bridge has an interesting history and there is a notice board... Read More

Hitch-hiking thumb 17/07/2016
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Once upon a time there was a hitch-hiker by the name of Jack

I’ve done a fair bit of hitch-hiking in my time and looking back I’d like to tell you about a few ‘do’s and do not’s’. A driver who swerved across two lanes of traffic to pick me up. A pair of Yahoos in an old TransAm screeching round the bends to get to the post office in time to cash a cheque whilst I was flung around the not really existent back seat. A lorry driver with stories of nearly being mauled by a black bear when he stopped to check his tyres.... Read More

On the pike 15/07/2016

A day on the Pennine way

Weather not an issue I have a friend who when ever we were talking about a possible walk would say ‘the weather is not an issue’, I am thinking about him as we drive up the M1 towards Stanedge to do a day’s walking on the Pennine Way. It’s throwing it down with rain and the weather forecast is heavy rain all day. Of course I have got all my waterproof gear, but any waterproof clothing can only hold out for so long against a serious downpour. We have some... Read More

IMG_20160711_130349528 14/07/2016
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What kit do I need for a 3 day trek?

3 Day treks Gear Review One of my favourite things to do whenever I can is to gear up and go out and about for three days or so. Recently I walked the Ridgeway (full account of my trek on the Ridgeway is here) Some of the gear I used on this three-day hike I have not used before. Here is a quick review of what I thought of it and what I would recommend. One man bivy tent The tent I used was the Snugpak Ionosphere, this is a... Read More

Pennine way 13/07/2016
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The wild in ‘wild camping’ refers more to a state of heart

What’s the attraction of wild camping? I really do like to do a bit of wild camping, but why? What is the attraction? I haven’t really done a lot of wild camping. Most of mine has been done when I have been walking National footpaths. A few times it has been with friends spending a couple of days in North Wales, or The Lake District. The air feels alive Maybe I like to camp wild because I like to be close to that which is natural and alive. So much... Read More

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What food to take for a three day trek

When thinking about food for a three-day hike I have three considerations Is it easy ? Is it light ? Will it provide the energy I require ? I cannot say I am an expert on food and I am still experimenting with what is light to carry but satisfying. And it it tastes great, than all the better.  So here is the run down of what works for me. Breakfast For breakfast I buy packets of instant porridge which I supplement with dried fruit. Usually you just add boiling... Read More

comparing 4 of the best vests 11/07/2016

British Summer – which is the best vest?

  Which vest is best? Changeable British weather means that it gets a little chilly when you least expect it, and least want it. At such times it’s great to be able to reach for a warm, but compact, extra layer. Here we compare 4 of our most popular mens insulation layer vests .(Also refered to as body warmers or gilets). All of these compact up small to stuff into holiday luggage, all are very effective insulation layer down vests which are windproof and will keep your thermostat spot on... Read More

Looking for hairy ants 11/07/2016
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Log Cabin Den Building

Are you over the age of eleven and three-quarters?  If so, you might just have missed out, unless of course you’ve got a child or two you can co-opt into playing along with you. You see, The National Trust launched a wonderful project 2 or 3 years ago called ’50 things to do before you’re 11 and three quarters’. 50things.org.uk The list includes everything from making a mud pie to building a raft. http://www.e-outdoor.co.uk/content/rafting- the-river- wye.aspx we did even better, we built it and spent three days sailing it down a... Read More