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Which base layer for a better performance

Your base layer can improve your comfort, and also your personal performance, so it is worth getting it right. The purpose of a base layer is to trap a thin layer of warm air against the skin, and at the same time remove body moisture, this is called ‘wicking’. To enable base layers to do these two things they are close fitting to the body. This also means that they fit comfortably under any other layers which may be worn, without any bulking. Base layer fabric is usually Merino wool... Read More

Down items 21/02/2017

The problem of Down leakage

Is it a Common problem ? Down leakage from jackets and sleeping bags is not to be expected, but it can happen. This is not necessarily a reflection of a jacket or sleeping bags quality, it can happen to a high quality item. However the possibility is greater in items of lower quality. The duck or goose down used in jackets and sleeping bags to provide thermal insulation is very fine, and the quill of a feather is often quite sharp. So it is not so surprising, that sometimes a... Read More

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Kit-Check – Jack Wolfskin ACS Hike 26 Rucksack

There are many features of this rucksack that make it appealing. Jack Wolfskins ACS suspended mesh back system means that the pack is held away from your back, providing excellent ventilation whilst at the same time holding the pack firmly to your body. This is a rucksack that is great for high energy outdoor activities. The main 26l compartment has an added inner pouch which fits a hydration reservoir. It also has an access point for the drinking tube, so that you can easily stay hydrated. The compartment at the... Read More

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Kit-Check – Jack Wolfskin Velocity 12 Daypack

The Velocity 12 is ideal for cyclists, runners and day walkers. The ACS TIGHT suspension system holds the daypack tightly to your body ensuring minimal movement. While the mesh back provides good ventilation. The Velocity 12 has a water bladder compartment to fit a reservoir and a tube duct fastener. For cyclists there is a helmet fastener and a pump/bottle holder. For walkers the front stow pocket is useful for stashing any items that might be needed immediately, such as waterproofs. The 12l pack, 2 mesh side pockets and front... Read More


Kit-Check – Lowe Alpine Eclipse 25 Lightweight Rucksack

Spring is an invigorating time of year to be out walking. The outdoors is fresh with colour and sounds inviting new life to us all. Now is the time to be thinking about what kit you might need for those upcoming Spring ventures. If it is a new day sack you need, to replace the old worn one that you have had for years. Then here is one of my suggestions from Lowe Alpine. The Eclipse 25l lightweight rucksack, is a lightweight 25l back pack with one large compartment, that... Read More