Classic SD Pocket Knife 24/10/2016

Kit – Check Victorinox Medium Pocket Knives

Victorinox are the original Swiss Army knife manufacturers. Commissioned by the Swiss Army in 1891 Victorinox have been making the multi tool knife for over 100 years. This model of knife has a folding blade 3 inches or less in length. It is therefore legal for ‘ Every Day Carry’ (EDC.)  See http://www.gov.uk/buying-carrying-knives The blade and other tools are made from a stainless steel alloy, they are tough and corrosion resistant. All the tools fold into the handle. Handy to slip into your pocket. A light useful tool to carry when... Read More

IMG_20161007_130229547 21/10/2016

Walking the rim of Kinder Scout

Inspired by Patrick Dickinson I was watching a video by Patrick Dickinson on YouTube about wild camping. The video was done on Kinder Scout, he walked around the rim of the plateau a distance of about 18 miles. Stopping off part of the way round to bivy for the night. I have been up Kinder a number of times and have done the Edale Valley ridge walk. I did not know though that it was possible to walk along the northern edge of Kinder. When I saw Patrick’s video I thought... Read More

jack-wolfskin-mens-milton-jacket-p1619-12426_medium 20/10/2016

Kit – Check Jack Wolfskin Milton Jacket

This is a good looking warm fleece jacket for everyday outdoor wear. Made from Jack Wolfskin’s Nanuk 300 Bipolar fleece, to keep you warm in the cold winter temperatures. It has a taffeta woven fabric lining to give that soft, cozy warm feeling. The jacket’s coarse-knit exterior, has a classic woolen look.  2 hip pockets, zipped chest pocket ribbed cuffs adjustable hem  

lowa-mens-taurus-gtx-mid-walking-boots-p2581-21988_thumb 19/10/2016

Kit – Check Lowa Taurus GTX Mid Walking Boot

A lightweight, waterproof and durable boot specifically designed for walking on groomed or paved paths. Suitable for low altitude hill walks or leisure walks. The mid-cut upper of velour leather and durable fabric provides support and stability. The Lowa Taurus has a Gore-Tex lining which keeps the boot waterproof, and a non-slip rubber ‘Loren’ outsole to give a firm foothold.

scarpa-mens-terra-gtx-boots-p361-3778_thumb 19/10/2016

Kit – Check Scarpa Mens Terra GTX Boots

This is an oiled full grain leather boot with a Vibram rubber sole. It is comparatively light weight with a waterproof Gore-Tex lining. The solid rubber sole provides good grip when on the trail and good support to your feet. It is not particularly flexible, however the cushioned inner sole combined with the Gore-Tex lining ensures your feet stay comfortable, providing a secure confident walk. The boot is not suitable for crampons. The combination of the Gore-tex lining and the leather upper means that the Scarpa Terra GTX boot is... Read More

zamberlan-hydrobloc-waterproof-cream-75ml-p5-8744_medium 18/10/2016

Zamberlan Hydrobloc Waterproof Cream

Of all our outdoor clothing our boots probably take the most wear and tear. They are frequently wet, even on dry days when the rest of our clothing is not. There are streams to cross and marshy lands to slog through. Zamberlan Hydrobloc is a very effective cream for waterproofing leather boots. Especially for full grain leather boots without a lining. It comes in a 75ml tube and is easy to apply. It should be used sparingly otherwise it can clog the natural pores of the leather, and it is... Read More

nikwax-tech-wash-300ml-p1-20332_thumb 18/10/2016

Kit – Check Nikwax Tech Wash and TX.Direct Wash in Waterproofing

Tech Wash In the British climate waterproofs are often an essential part of your walking equipment. After carefully choosing your waterproof clothing, taking good care of them will ensure their effectiveness, and long life. To ensure that your waterproofs stay ‘waterproof’, regular cleaning is necessary. No matter how breathable your waterproof clothing is, in damp and wet conditions you will sweat while doing any activity. This leaves salts and dirt on the garment which compromises it’s breathability and waterproofness. If your garment ‘wets out'(that is the water stops beading on... Read More

rab-mens-baltoro-glove-p3372-22714_thumb 17/10/2016

Kit – Check Rab Baltoro Glove

This is a hard wearing winter glove. Suitable for snow sports,winter walking and alpine climbing. Despite their insulation, and leather palms, they provide good flexibility for finger movements. The palms and the inside of the fingers are made of Pittards Armortan. This is a leather technology that strengthens the leather by encasing the fibres of the leather, with microscopic ceramic ‘armor plates. This adds to the abrasive resistance qualities of the leather  and it’s durability. The upper hand  and fingers are softshell for breathability . The glove keeps your hands... Read More

rab-power-stretch-pro-glove-p403-7569_thumb 17/10/2016

Kit – Check Rab Power Stretch Pro Glove

Rab’s Power Stretch Pro Gloves are made from Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric. This means that they are warm and flexible, enabling a high degree of dexterity in cold weather. They can be worn on their own in moderate conditions or as part of a layer system in more extreme climates. The Power Stretch Pro glove is lightweight and  quick drying with conductive finger tips on the index, middle and thumb, to enable easier use of touchscreen devices. Rab also supply a Power Stretch Pro Grip Glove. With the same... Read More

silva-explore-headlamp-p2233-9786_thumb 13/10/2016

kit – Check Silva Explore Headlamp

The beauty of a headlamp is obvious, your hands are free. When setting up camp in the dark, or climbing over an obstacle, the last thing you want at night is to be jiggling around with a torch in one hand. The Silva Explore is made for the outdoor life. It is waterproof (up to 30 min at a depth of 1m,) and has a white,red and orange light function. It’s light distribution technology provides both a long reach spot light and, a close range flood light at the same... Read More