IMG_20160815_184914439 26/08/2016
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Who can describe the feeling ?

Where to start ? Yesterday four friends and myself climbed Scafell Pike. I don’t want to tell you about the journey, I want to tell you about the  experience. I am struggling to put it into words but here goes… What is it that at the end of the day with sore feet, aching knees and leg muscles that feel like they are about to explode, that makes us look at one another and say ‘That was amazing!’ We may even feel a bit emotional about it. Yes. it is... Read More

Three zippered compartments make up the bag. 23/08/2016

Lowe Alpine Nexus 30 Rucksack Review

Multi Purpose Rucksack from Lowe Alpine Lowe Alpine have been making quality rucksacks since forever. Well, 1967 anyway. Back then the Lowe brothers were travelling round America creating a new type of climbing, which we now call alpinism. This fast a light style of climbing needed a fast and light kind of rucksack so Greg Lowe developed one, in his garage. Things have moved on a bit since then and now Lowe Alpine is one of the most recognised rucksack brands in the world having introduced numerous innovations we now... Read More

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A tiny essential – The ThruNite Ti3 keyring flashlite

For spontaneous camping trips or when that optimistic trek turns into a night-time slog, the Ti3 has your back. The Thrunite Ti3 was supplied free of charge by Thrunite for reviewing purposes. Weighing in at just 12g, the Ti3 is ThruNite’s tiny entry in their line of virtually indestructible LED flashlights which are a modern wonder for those of us who grew up on giant, unweildly, battery hungry torches of the 70’s and 80’s. The Ti3 is just is large enough to wrap a single AAA battery in tough black... Read More

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Why North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX shoes

On Friday I tested out North Face Hedgehog Fastpack shoes. I have never tried shoes for walking before always having worn boots, so this was a new experience for me. I admit I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t feel confident that shoes were sturdy enough. I chose the North Face Hedgehogs because of their good reviews. It maybe just a mind thing, but I did not expect them to perform. Hedgehog fastpack shoe One of the advantages of shoes is their light weight. These weigh about 800g. They... Read More

Wet and muddy 09/08/2016
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Which footwear to wear ?

Which boot to wear ? Next week I am planning to do some backpacking in the Lake District a walk of about 60 miles starting from St Bees and finishing at Shap. I am wondering which pair of boots to wear? I have 2 pairs of boots, a pair of Berghaus Explorer Ridge GTX, and a pair of Salomon Ultra Trek GTX. My mind drifted over the route considering the terrain, possible weather conditions, and the pack I would be carrying on my back. In the end I have decided... Read More

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Simply choosing a waterproof jacket

I just want a waterproof It starts simple, you’re going to do some walking and there is a good chance it will rain one day. So you need a waterproof jacket, that’s straightforward enough. Next step, you either go to an outdoor shop or look on line, stepping through the door or looking at the web page before you is an array of brands, colours and possibly technology. All of a sudden it doesn’t seem that simple which one to choose, how do you know which one will do the... Read More

On Higger Tor 04/08/2016

Day on Stanage Edge

Plan B The original plan was to walk a part of the Limestone Way but this required two drivers and when one of the drivers dropped out at the last-minute a plan B was required. Fortunately one of my friends had lived in the Peaks for a while so he quickly came up with a route around Stanage Edge of about 13 miles. Perfect day It was a blue sky with just a few clouds when we left Hathersage not too warm with a slight breeze, we climbed up through... Read More

Footpath through field 01/08/2016
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Frustrating footpaths and blooming brambles

Bad experiences Walking can be a pleasure or a challenge. Some do it for the challenge, (to climb a mountain or to cover so many miles in a day) others for the pleasure of being outdoors. It may be just an opportunity to take some gentle exercise, relax and enjoy the fresh air. However, even a pleasant day’s walk in local fields can turn into a challenge when you are confronted with a blocked path and have to hack your way through a barrier of brambles and nettles, or spend... Read More

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Why wear Smartwool socks ?

About socks The value of wearing socks has been recognised from earliest times, the first known socks were made from animal skins and the ancient Greeks wore socks made from matted animal hairs in the 8th century BC. They can be an item of fashion, by the year 1000 AD they were a symbol of wealth among the nobility. They were worn by comic actors in roman times and were called ‘soccus’ from which the old English word ‘socc’ comes from and that’s how we get the name sock. In... Read More

Backpack 22/07/2016
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Why use a Geigerrig pressurised hydration pack

I don’t drink very much when I am walking, I know this is bad especially when it is hot, the possibility of dehydration could be a real problem. One of the reasons is that my drink bottle is in the side pouch of my rucksack and I can’t be bothered to stop and take my rucksack off to get to my bottle. The obvious solution then is a hydration pack. There are a few manufacturers that supply them: Camelbak maybe the best known, Osprey do one in a very good backpack,... Read More