Bivvy, from the french word "bivouac" meaning a temporary camp without tents or shelter. Bivvy bags are commonly used by climbers, mountaineers, minimalist campers and the military. In reality, it is a thin, waterproof jacket for your sleeping bag so you can sleep under the stars, in a cave or on the mountainside. Bivvy bags are cheaper than tents, smaller, lighter and discreet too so you can sleep on small patches of ground virtually undetected. Being in a bivvy gives you a more wild, exposed feeling enabling you to take in the view and stargaze.

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There is no doubt you will be snug and warm whilst in your bivvy but warm air hitting the cold of the outside, you will inevitably get a build up of condensation so it is important to choose a sleeping bag that will perform if it gets a bit damp and make sure you sleep in a warm baselayer too. A  sleeping mat will also insulate from the cold ground and provide some comfort when sleeping on uneven surfaces.

How to choose the right bivvy:

If you are on a budget and you think the weather might be warm overnight, then why not take a look at the Lifesystems Light and Dry Bag. This is a lightweight and compact alternative to a traditional bivvy bag and it will reflect 90% of your body heat straight back to you, is wind and waterproof and will be a thin, protective layer for you whilst you are sleeping. Perfect to take on any adventure as an emergency back up. Or maybe just consider sleeping under a tarpaulin in case of a light shower?

Knowing that the British weather can be very unpredictable maybe the Snugpak Bivvy would be a better choice. Still very compact and lightweight, this bag is made of a durable, breathable and waterproof material and roomy enough for your sleeping bag and mat to go inside if preferred.

Being completely covered over inside your bivvy and leaving just a small hole for your face may feel a little claustrophobic and not for everybody's liking so there are other one person shelters out there with hooped entrances to give you more room to move about inside or maybe consider looking at something like the Snugpak Ionosphere 1 Person Shelter which has plenty of room for you and your kit too.

Need some more advice? Our Sales Team are more than happy to help. We are into Bushcraft and Wild camping and could give you a few handy tips on how to make your next adventure an awesome one. Give us a ring on 01327 312 757