Travel & Trek Bags & Luggage

Ready to travel, but need just the right luggage for the holidays? We have categorised the travel luggage in a couple of ways: carry-on backpacks which are great for cabin luggage,  and holdall-type bags which go from a 40 litre up to The North Face famous base camp duffels in which you can fit a person! (not recommended). All travel bags are designed for flight, bus or train and you can stuff a fair amount in this spacious simple packs for those foreign travel adventures.

Are you nipping off on a short break for just a few days, or on a business trip? Luggage bags are built for the serious traveller, covering many miles and with their rugged, active appeal comes a special breed of travel luggage designed for dragging around the globe.

There are travel bags that are designed specifically for airport use and the Lowe Alpine travel bag range certainly meet all of the specifications desired by airports and luggage restrictions. The North Face Rolling Thunder travel bags are designed for the serious traveler who takes their entire wardrobe with them as they enjoy their trip!