Arc'teryx Outdoor Clothing

Born in the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc'teryx is built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production. In-house manufacturing and design centres allow Arc'teryx to constantly evolve and build products the right way. Arc’teryx is a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company.

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  • Arc'word SS T-Shirt
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  • Mens Remote SS T-Shirt
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  • Konseal FL GTX Men's
  • Mens Atom SL Vest
  • Mens Atom SL Vest
  • Mens Cerium SL Hoody
  • Womens Cerium SL Hoody
  • Index 15 Backpack
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  • Womens Covert Hoody
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  • Womens Kyanite Hoody
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  • Mens Kyanite Hoody
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  • Mens Kyanite Hoody
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  • Mens Cerium Lt Hoody
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  • Mens Beta Lt Jacket
  • Mens Phase SL Boxer Short
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  • Mens Phase SL Boxer Short
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  • Mens RHO LT Zip Neck
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  • Mens Phase AR Zip Neck LS
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  • Mens Gamma MX Hoody
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    Mens Alpha SV Jacket
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  • Mens Nodin Jacket
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    Arc'word Mens HW SS T-Shirt
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  • Mens Alpha FL Jacket
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  • Womens Adaphy Hoody
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Here at e-OUTDOOR, we are committed to the pursuit of perfection, which is why we stock Arc'Teryx products. They combine unparalleled designs with the finest-quality, premier materials, assembled in the most resilient, state-of-the-art style for their anticipated use.

When was Arcteryx founded? 

In 1989 as 'Rock Solid' then 1991 as Arcteryx By Dave Lane and Jeremy Guard.

Where is Arcteryx based?

Arcteryx is based in the North Shore mountains of North Vancouver, Canada

How did Arcteryx get it's name?

The Archaeopteryx or "first bird" is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs - the earliest known birds to develop feathers for flight and so are creatures somewhere between dinosaurs and modern birds. The Arc'teryx logo is an image of this most famous fossil and it's name is a shortened version of Archaeopteryx.

Arcteryx facts

Arcteryx developed the world's first 360 degree thermo moulded climbing harness called the Vapour. In 1998 this company developed the first water tight zip and while working with Polartec, developed PowerShield, resulting in a new apparel category called Softshell. 

Where are Arcteryx products made?

Harnesses, backpacks and laminated equipment are made in New Westminster, British Columbia. Apparel is made in China, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Laos and Greece.

What type of products do Arcteryx make?

Climbing harnesses, backpacks, apparel and new in 2016: footwear.

Breakthrough products

As well as the Vapour climbing harness, Arcteryx has developed Lamination into all hard goods, manufacturing multiple layers of fabric for stability, strength and appearance. 

Arcteryx Most popular ranges

In Arcteryx shell jacket range: Beta AR, Down filled mid layers: Cerium LT and Softshell: Gamma MX

Arcteryx Ethical/environmental practices

Arcteryx has an environmental policy which includes: 1) minimising waste in operations 2) sourcing safe and effective materials 3) designing the longest lasting, best performing products in the industry.
This company has created various programs to benefit their local community eg: The Bird's Nest Project. The re-using and re-purposing of rolls of discontinued fabric from their design centre to serve the disadvantaged. The Builder's Academy - Arcteryx are involved in the teaching of classroom and onsite sessions in learning how to build and maintain walking and biking tracks and trails in a sustainable way.