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    Here at e-outdoor, we're proud to offer outdoor clothing of the highest quality from well-known brands like Barbour, The North Face, Jack Wolfskin, Berghaus and more. So, whether you're looking for a coat for everyday wear or specialist walking boots for a hiking trip, we've got it covered.
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  • Climb, Be Happy!

    e-outdoor-blog | 14/06/2012 15:12:01

    Is your working life far too chaotic and getting you down? Too much work and not enough play is never healthy, and what better way to start making life an adventure again than with some adrenaline-pumping rock climbing?

    Everyone knows the combination of basic human needs such as shelter, food and love are the fundamental issues in life for happiness but why not go one step further and mix it up with a challenge of your physical performance?

    Of course, it may not feel like it at the time when you are gritting your teeth, putting every single ounce of energy into your muscles to lift your body, but the feeling of eventually combatting the challenges thrown your way is nothing less than euphoric!

    Whether you are an experienced climber or a raw rookie, you need to have both the right type of climbing equipment and clear goals on how you are going to approach a climb before you begin. Safety is paramount, and be realistic with what you can expect your body to do.

    When choosing footwear, bear in mind it is one of the most important components! Make sure you get sturdy, strong boots, and it is best to play it safe and pick out a reliable brand such as Salomon or Merrell footwear, you don’t want to shirk quality and end up with busted footwear.

    Make sure you take time out before your climb to browse our website, as we have a range of climbing footwear available to buy at fantastic prices.

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